1980 Suzuki GS850 from Canada


Best Bike EVER. But you wouldn't want one, leave them for me to buy


Stator & regulator broke the year I bought it.

Brake pads replaced a few times.

Rear tire difficult to replace due to rusted exhaust mounting bolts.

Battery a few times due to broken stator.


General Comments:

Aside from the charging system this bike is pretty solid, no major repairs needed.

Excellent touring bike. It's been Coast (NW) to Coast (NE) to Coast (SW) of North America, and my commuter bike for work for 7 years.

Please bug Suzuki to reissue this bike, I would buy it without hesitation (note speedometer cable broke at 54000 km and has not been fixed properly, this bike has been well over 100,000 kilometers with NO MAJOR WORK NEEDED!!!)

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Review Date: 7th March, 2008

1980 Suzuki GS850 from United Kingdom


A solid workhorse with bags of character


Head gasket replaced at 20000 miles.

Electronic ignition replaced with a Dyna unit at 22000 miles.

Front and rear springs replaced at 25000 miles.

Seat cover replaced at 25000 miles.

Tank re-painted at 29000 miles.

General Comments:

I have loved every minute of owning this bike (GS850GT).

A great machine for touring or long journeys (takes a few miles to warm up).

Heavy, well-built and solid feel - should last forever if looked after. Bulletproof motor, which gives good torque at low revs and ample power at higher speeds. Sounds good as well!

Handles well with a passenger or heavy load.

A bit of a handful on twisty roads, but at ease on the highway.

Shaft drive is well-designed - no problems as long as you grease the splines every time the tyre is changed.

Gearbox is smooth - don't even need to use the clutch when running up the gears.

Cheap to run - 55 to 60 mpg.

Who could ask for more?

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Review Date: 15th February, 2007

9th Nov 2014, 00:26

I have two of these bikes, a '79 and an '82. The '79 blew a head gasket at 70 thousand miles and I parked it and bought the '82, which I ride every day. I've seen no mention in the various comments regarding valve adjustment. I've gone 15 thousand on the '82 without tending to this, and it's still running as smooth as ever, but I'm thinking I ought to do it soon.

I disagree with the comment that these bikes get "50 or 60 MPG". I normally get 38, day in and day out, mix of freeway and surface street driving. I could believe someone's getting low to mid 40's with a perfectly tuned bike and not a lot of stop and go.

These are really great bullet-proof motorcycles.

30th Jun 2015, 15:24


I would like to add my two cents on this matter. I have a 1980 GS850 GL.

Now, I removed my air box, added pod filters and have a 4 into 1 exhaust that feeds into a (baffle removed) Vance and Hines. All this extra air flow required me to go 20 up (yes, 20; not 2) on my main jets. I average 45 MPG, and have seen a touch over 50, straight highway (60-65mph), solo riding. She is wearing Avon Roadriders.

This leads me to believe, someone with a slightly more restrictive exhaust and maybe only 5 up jets could possibly see over 50 MPG on a regular basis (keeping out of the throttle).

Hope this helps, ~Derrick

17th Jun 2016, 21:58

Sounds to me like yours does need that valve adjustment or some sort of work done, because both of my GS 1000g bikes also always got between 50 and 60 MPG, much to the dismay of my riding buddies on other 750 to 1100cc bikes that rarely seemed to get much over 40 MPG!

3rd Mar 2019, 15:23

British gallon has 160 FL. OZ, U.S., 128. Only part of the difference.

2nd Oct 2023, 19:24

I am looking at one, but it's been sitting outside a while. Looks to be all there. Guess it's a basket and I'm not much of a mechanic, but it seems like it's a classic that needs saving. Battery is dead.

1980 Suzuki GS850 from United States of America


This should be one word; perfect!


At about 3000 miles in 1980 the stator went out. That is all that has broken in 27 years.

General Comments:

This is the best motorcycle I have owned to date, and I have had plenty. If it were to be reproduced tomorrow, I would be the first in line to get a new one.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2007

27th Feb 2012, 02:08

I envy you guys. I would love to have a Suzy GS850. Here, it's extinct. And due to government protocol, we cannot import in old, old bikes.