1982 Suzuki GS850 from United States of America


If you ever have the chance to buy a Suzuki GS series, do yourself a favor and do it!


Seat cover starting to rip.

Replaced voltage regulator at 35,000.

General Comments:

I bought this bike brand new in 83 (it was a holdover). Best investment I've EVER made.

It's a great bike; handles like a dream, quick enough on take-off, never tested the top speed because this is a cruiser.

This bike really is bullet-proof, engine still purrs like a kitten, it's got the shaft drive, which is still holding up amazing, quiet as hell, no chain "slap". Basically I just change the oil every spring and make sure she's got gas and she never lets me down.

Never had the engine apart, have never had to change a valve or a piston or rings like some of my buddies with Harleys have had to, I just ride her.

This bike has never let me down, starts every time, runs great, is comfortable on long trips, and really is just a joy to ride!

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Review Date: 13th January, 2008

2nd Feb 2011, 21:34

Right on!! I have owned lots of bikes, including a HD Sportster, and I love this bike!! It rides so smooth. Everything works great, and it's 30 years old. Lot's of fun. I've never had it at top speed, wonder what it would do???

25th Aug 2012, 23:46

I liked my first 1982 GS 850. I got a second one, after selling my first one, what a dumb move. I love the bike, it's all good.

1982 Suzuki GS850 from United States of America


The best bike I have ever owned



I have been restoring minor wear and tear items, but nothing significant.

It was well cared for since 1982 and is now pampered.

General Comments:

Very loyal machine. Big, heavy and fast enough for excitement. Makes long trips a joy.

All the reviews were accurate, it's a long running, low cost cruiser.

At this point, it's old enough to tinker with occasionally, but no heavy repairs are on the horizon.

Other bikes may come and go, but this one will be in my garage forever.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2007

1982 Suzuki GS850 from Canada


I love mine!


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I must specify that I own the "G" model as opposed to the "L" model. The G is a standard, whereas the L is a custom.

The GS850G's attributes can be summed-up in one word: balance. Nothing to really brag about, but nothing to criticise.

It is a low tech bike by today's standards, but that doesn't take away its charm. The motor has only two valves per piston. Okay, that isn't up to date with modern bikes, but it makes it utterly bullet proof. The motor is over built, which makes it heavy and reliable. It is one of the most reliable bikes ever built.

At low speeds you've got to treat her with respect, but as soon as you go over 20mph, the bike handles like a dream. Great in twisties, and comfy on the highway, it is a perfect "lets go for a day's ride" type of bike.

The L model is probably not as good in the handling department. I love the G. I could ride it across the continent without a worry. There is something mysteriously satisfying about riding a GS850G. You feel happy, confident, and comfortable. Further more, for the money it costs you to own one, you accept that it isn't a rocket ship, and you focus on having fun. Great bike. I mean GREAT bike.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2006

14th May 2016, 02:43

Too old and outdated to be a daily rider, carb parts are hard to find and pricey, not an easy bike to work on, quite outdated engineering. Do yourself a favor and buy something a lot newer for just a little more money.

21st Nov 2018, 20:39

I disagree. You can not go wrong with most vintage Japanese bikes pre 1985.

I bought a Suzuki 1982 GS 850 L this spring (2018) for $1050.00. Started with new tires, rectifier, oil change plugs. Started to put it back to original and almost there. Came with 4 to 1 Vance Hines pipes which I think ran it lean... re-jetted the carbs and installed original pipes and it runs unbelievable, but I think increased back pressure and developed major oil leak. Replaced valve cover gasket myself, and it's as dry as a bone. Spark plugs look nice (copper brown).

I've replaced lots of misc. parts and pieces, and this motorcycle is dependable, comfortable and fun to ride and tinker with. I got the Clymer manual and I feel confident fixing most things. It's not as easy as working on a twin, but it's not that difficult to fix small maintenance issues. I'm ready to put the paint job back to original. I will never part with this bike; if it survives me I will leave it to my son.

3rd Mar 2020, 03:47

Don't know what you have; but mine is bulletproof; love it.