1985 Suzuki GS850G from Australia


I want another one.


Nothing of consequence. Ignition points / capacitor, nothing really.

General Comments:

Did 40,000 Km around Sydney as a motorbike courier. The thing was ultra reliable and built like a train, but fast and easy to flick but around with lots of muscle needed.

So what, good exercise. I was on it for 8-10 hours a day in city traffic with the clock running all the time, and didn't get too tired.

Nearly indestructible - a taxi cut me off at 50kph, I went over the roof and down Elizabeth St, bike destroyed the driver's door. Only a few scratches on the bike and back on the road.

Another time I T-boned a red light runner under full brakes at 20kph, same, a few scratches.

All of the above would have obliterated a current era bike.

Easy to service and work on.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2022

1981 Suzuki GS850G from United Kingdom


Still cool, always reliable


Original exhaust rusted because it spent its first ten years outside. Otherwise just normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

I’ve had my GS850 for forty years from new. Bought it at the tender age of 21 and I’m still riding it. I’m still good and fit and so is the bike. As someone else on here says; it’s all the motorcycle you’ll ever need. Fast and powerful with great handling.

I once heard a very smart quote about cars: ‘A car can be fast, reliable and economical, but it can only ever be two of those things’. That’s true of the GS; it’s fast and very reliable, but I have a 4 litre Jaguar XKR that has better fuel economy! About 30mpg if you’re enjoying yourself.

My bike looks as good now as it ever has. She’s ageing gracefully but performs as well as a modern retro styled bike. With the shaft drive it’s virtually maintenance free, so with a little care these bikes are immortal. Apart from fitting a four into one exhaust, mine is standard, which is increasingly rare with the current (passing) fad for chopping them down to be “cafe racers” or “street scramblers”. So cool, so smooth, so buy one!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2021

4th Jul 2022, 22:24

I had one new in 1980, sold in 2000 with 88.000 miles. The bike made me walk to work in a downpour because a fuse blew. The mc turned differently because bike was heavier on the left side because of the shaft, new fork seals every 20.000 miles, had motor rebuilt with new pistons and rings, at 50.000 miles, had 4 into 1 kerker header.

The bike could not be killed; other than regular maintenance, like I said the bike only made me walk one time, fast, comfortable even with a passenger, I now have Harley Sportster 88 115th anniversary edition, it has a 2.1 gal tank LOL, but I never should have sold her.

26th Nov 2022, 16:39

"The bike could not be killed".

I put a taxi on a tow truck with a GS850G, and I (just a bit sore) and the bike rode off into the city traffic to cause more mayhem.

1979 Suzuki GS850G from United Kingdom


Cheap cheerful reliable motorcycling like I did in the 1970s and 80s


Nothing really.

Carburettor rubber ring/gaskets hardened and needed replacing two years ago, and the petrol tap rubber perished the year I bought (2007) it and was replaced.

General Comments:

Love this bike. Bought for £800 as a runner with M.O.T., I have had to do nothing to it except change the oil and filters every other year. Although almost 40 years old, it happily exceeds 100mph and feels like it would go on to 120, but due to wind resistance and the upright position, is better cruising at 80 mph.

I tend to use it once a month or so for runs on fair weather days on "A" and "B" roads in the valleys and hills of South Wales for about 50-100 mile runs in the 50-80 mph speed range.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2018

18th Jun 2022, 22:48

I wrote this review of my 1979 GS850G in 2018 and still own the bike in 2022. It had a good overhaul in 2020 just before Covid stopped the world! It had a top end rebuild, carbs balanced, new exhaust, replacement brake fluids, valve adjustment and replacement stem seals; it feels and runs even better.

Now it is taxed as historical in the UK it costs nothing, nor does it require MoTs.