1982 Suzuki GSX750E from United States of America


It runs very fast! It's a keeper


The only thing I have done was to have it repainted, because the pin striping was peeling off, and the paint on the front fender was cracking and flaking.

General Comments:

The chrome was in mint condition when purchased, with the original exhaust in show room condition. Other than the original paint, the rest of the bike looks to be brand new.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2011

1980 Suzuki GSX750E from Norway


Simple, reliable and with old-school charisma


The voltage regulator had to be changed. It's an oil leak from the camchain tensioner.

The front forks has to undergo service, as they are far too soft.

General Comments:

The bike runs just fine, with few noises from the engine, despite its 30 years of age. It has a certain patina, and I suspect that for example Hondas often look fresh longer.

Anyway, I like the bike a lot. It has got an upright riding position and runs quite well to be a 79 hp 750 cc from 1980.

I have owned a CB 1100 F, which was relatively similar, and compared to that one, the Suzuki also gives a good overall impression so far. I hope to keep it for a long time.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2010

12th May 2013, 16:34

It's 2013 now, and the bike has 81700 km on the odometer. Since last time I wrote about the bike, I have changed the chain and sprockets. Apart from that, only oil and filter changes...

25th Oct 2020, 16:10

Sold this bike in fall 2016. It then had about 85000 km, and more faults than I was aware of, as the new owner changed piston rings and the top end, front fork seals, chain and sprockets, the exhaust system and more. It was also repainted.

Have seen it reappearing for sale even this year, at a good price. Almost tempted to buy it back. Really liked it, in black and orange.