25th Sep 2008, 09:17

I also have GSX750ES bought on December 2005. This bike was used as police bike during 1986 until 1996, even now several bikes of this type still being used by police departments.

Mine already has a full restoration to original condition, and still runs superbly although it's 22 years old.

Iwan Mudasim, Bandung - Indonesia.

5th May 2009, 18:07

I have an 80 something GSX750 ES, which I have just purchased, and I love it.

Can someone tell me what final drive sprocket sizes I should run? At present my motor is running 5000 RPM at 100 KPH or 60 MPH, which seems a bit high to me, and I expect someone has changed the ratio.

I say it's an 80 something because it was regod new as a 1990, as was my second bike, which is for parts, but has the engine Number only 3 digits different to my good bike. Last number 3 on one, and 6 on the other, so same batch I'm guessing. I can't find anything on these bikes that would make a 1990 model possible, and any help would be appreciated.

Cheers from NZ, Bernie.

26th Apr 2010, 04:11

Mine GSX750ES runs 100km/h with approx 3500-4000 revs in 5th gear.

9th Jun 2010, 17:26

My 1983 GSX750ES has been an excellent bike. I've owned it for 6 years. Except for tyres and oil changes, it has cost me nothing. It starts every time. Has a slight rattle in the clutch, but the Suzuki people told me this is common and doesn't effect the bikes running at all. I ride it around town and on long trips (with gear and two up) - it's perfect for both types of riding.

1st Oct 2010, 07:49

In Canada it is known as the GS750ES. I have a 1983 model, and it is a blast to ride; tons of power and a great step in the powerband at around 5500 rpm. Great all rounder. Incredible for a 27 year old bike.

The only issue was the charging system, and I had to change the regulator/rectifier for $100, and install a new battery for $60. I need to change the rear shock and re-do the forks, but overall it runs beautifully, and with a 4-into-1 exhaust, sounds the dogs.

Great bike. Thanks Mr. Suzuki.

25th Feb 2011, 18:34

I bought a year old one in early '85. Really lovely bike, though sadly as an impoverished young man about to have children, maintenance and oil changes were pretty hit and miss. Despite this, I kept the bike for seven years, with only the well known regulator/rectifier meltdown as any kind of breakdown, until eventually the crank went and that was my fault because of the lack of new oil and filters. I'd have one again now. In fact, I'm looking.