1985 Suzuki GSX750ES from United Kingdom


Great bike, so buy a cheap bargain


So far touch wood all is well with the GSX; I did have to put a battery in it when I got it, and replaced the oil cooler, which had small cracks in it around the threads. 24 bucks from eBay, and Bob's your Suzuki.

General Comments:

The GSX 750 ES 1985 model is an excellent all rounder, extreme comfort with superb power delivery.

It must do about 45 mpg; even on a fast day it's not much different.

For a 24 year old bike, she still likes the odd burst up to 130mph, and whistles along happily at 80 to 120.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

19th Feb 2008, 10:13

I agree with your review. Nice dependable bike. I own an 1983 model and would like to know where in the U.S. I can find charging system parts? Also any other parts used or new, I need a flywheel also.

8th Aug 2008, 18:07

Hi: I've had a nice GSX750ES since 2006, and I ran 120.000 kilometers crossing every time Los Andes (almost 5000 meters high) from Argentina to Chile and have had no problem.

I´m 45 and drive any kind of bikes since I was 17, and I can say that is the most comfortable bike I had (including XL600v Transalp).

You can find all kind of spares by ebay in the UK. In USA, the bike was known as the GS700, GSX750ESD, and GSX750ES, with little differences. Sorry for my low level of english, but the spirit on a bike is the same. Good Luck from Argentina. Humberto.

suarezhum@hotmail.com if you want pics of my travels.

1982 Suzuki GSX750ES from United Kingdom


An exciting machine for every day use


Alternator and rectifier kept going.

General Comments:

An exciting machine for every day use.

What a summer, using a Suzuki GSX750 ES to drive around for 18,000 miles. Very comfortable bike with nice handle bar fairing to keep the wind off. And the wing is strong at 135 mph, reached in next to no time on this machine. It has a four cylinder with 4 valve per cylinder dohc engine. Power at 83 bhp is good. It is fitted with a single suspension arm. so gives excellent handling and and smooth ride.

A big 4 gallon tank speed and rev counter sit in front of the driver. It has a comfortable upright riding position, not the racing crouch of the GSX750R, so is suitable for everday use. Long distance riding is no problem, and it will out perform most cars on the motorway.

The minus points are that the alternator and rectifier are rather fragile. These are expensive to replace. Tyres wear out fast and the chain drive is another expense.

Disc brakes at the front offer good stopping power, but the disc pads wear out quick if used hard.

Fuel consumption in normal use is around 45mpg, so good.

Available in blue or red. An exciting machine for every day use.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

9th Dec 2008, 02:09

It's a 16 valve engine.

4th Aug 2014, 13:28

4 valves per cylinder MEANS it is a 16 valve engine, why correct??

4th Aug 2014, 13:42

Last time I looked, the GSX 750 ES had a single monoshock, but standard twin spar swingarm, sorry!! I am actually looking to buy one as a "collectable classic", as I made the mistake of buying a VF750F instead of the Suzuki around 1988!!

23rd Jul 2016, 08:52


I'm looking at buying a buggy with this motorbike engine in it, but an 83 model...

Anything major other than the alternator I should check for?

I'm in Australia as well if that makes any difference.