2007 Suzuki GZ250 from United States of America


Great, fun first bike/commuter bike


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

I completed Tennessee's 20 hour motorcycle course sponsored by LearnToRide.org. After trying several models they had for the class, I used an older Suzuki GZ250 for all the exercises and tests. When I had to take all my skills tests in a torrential downpour, I was thoroughly impressed with the wet road response at low and mid speeds.

I bought my 2007 Suzuki GZ250 a few days after completing the class and have not been disappointed. I am fully aware of its lack of interstate prowess at 65-70 MPH, but that's a restriction on pretty much ANY 250cc class bike.

Knowing that, this is the perfect bike for learning, basic commutes, and fun weekend rides. A comfortable and forgiving bike for a beginner, and an economical fun commuter.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2009

6th May 2011, 19:07

I ride my Virago 250 at 65-70 mph for extended periods (1 hour) with no ill effects. At 200+ lbs. I have no hesitation riding it on the interstate. Mpg will be in the mid 60s, while a slower speed will give upper 70s. In town riding with its frequent stoplights and stop signs will hinder mileage. GZ 250 performance should be similar.

2007 Suzuki GZ250 from United States of America


Great starter for around town commuting only


Dropped an exhaust valve at 4500 miles.

Severe loss of power on inclines (5 to 10 mph loss).

Consumes oil when new and after break in.

General Comments:

Beware! I currently own a 2007 GZ250 and like everyone else I will agree it is a great "put around town" bike, however is WILL NOT maintain 65 mph on the interstate with me only on the bike, regardless of wind or hills. 2 up is even worse. I only wish my salesman had told me "it's not enough bike" after having told him I was a new rider and how I intended to use the bike. My dealer was told up front that I wanted the bike to commute to and from work on, which at the time was 48 miles one way.

Needless to say it is currently in the shop for repairs (under warranty thank goodness). She dropped an exhaust valve. My service tech said this is bound to happen again if I continue to use the bike for this purpose because the bike is just too small. I will be going to the dealer this week to see if I can strike a deal on a new C50T. This should be all I need to suit my purpose, from what I have read about the bike.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2008

8th Aug 2008, 09:22

Your situation is probably unique, cause every salesman I've talked with tried to sell me a larger bike and not the smaller ones. Why? Profits are larger on larger bikes, and they can sell all the small bikes they have. Dan.

17th Aug 2008, 16:05

I really think you should take a look at your reasons for having the bike. A 250 may not be the best choice for a 48 mile one way highway trip. Of course you dropped an exhaust valve, you're always running the engine at or close to red line. As bulletproof as the motors are, they aren't made for that.

Try an upgrade to an S40. For an extra $1000 you get 25 more cubic inches and very similar fuel economy. Or, keep thumping on your GZ and hope for the best.

21st Jan 2010, 00:49

Have a 1999 GZ on 35000k, no problems, mostly highway miles.

29th May 2010, 16:49

For your purpose, even a Ninja 250 would be more suitable. They are built for highway speeds for miles on end. I do agree that your dealer led you astray.