LS 650 Savage

Pass on this one, not worth owning

186 words, United States of America

LS 650 Savage

Reliable, great to ride, an excellent design, brilliant, love it

110 words, United Kingdom

LS 650 Savage

A sweet bike that will certainly put a grin on your face!

692 words, United States of America, 22 comments


LS 650 Savage

Much worse than my buddy's chinese dual sport all the way around

426 words, United States of America, 10 comments


LS 650 Savage

This is a great beginner to mid-level bike!

116 words, United States of America, 27 comments


LS 650 Savage

Fun! Fun! Fun!

229 words, United Kingdom, 1 comment


LS 650 Savage

Great ride, and great potential to customize and modify

321 words, United Kingdom, 2 comments