14th Jul 2007, 21:06

For all the people with SV's, there's a great portal that I found for follow up that gives a lot of good info on the SV's. It's at sv-portal.com, and although I've just recently found it, it's very informative if you want to contact other SV owners.

Take care.

12th Aug 2007, 03:12

Have had an SV1000S for 4 weeks and am really enjoying it, except for one minor problem that occurs after a long downhill run, then accelerating; at this point the engine goes flat and has a popping sound. This is very brief and I assume it is possibly a tuning problem?

9th Sep 2007, 11:26

So I got a set of 'Heli' Clip-on bars for my 05 SV1000S. I LOVE them. It only raises the bars up an inch by the forks, but about two inches at the ends. This really helps on comfort.

These bars work with all stock items attached and easily clear the fairing and tank. Nice Heli!!!


2nd Oct 2007, 20:11

Still popping back through intake. Took in to dealer again, but this time the owner was there and I was able to duplicate the problem. This time I was told that it was not normal (was told this was normal before). But they ignored the problem for so long it has spun a main bearing. It spun a bearing because during break in it was pre-detonating.

Well needless to say it's still under warranty. It only has 4700 miles on it, so all repairs are on them. But I was told I may need a power commander to correct the popping, (not on them). Well I will keep you apprised of my situation with the mechanical woes.

6th Oct 2007, 23:00

Sorry to hear that the popping back through the intake turned out to have such a bad result. I don't know where you are, but if I took it to the dealer and they told me something like this was normal, I'd be very concerned and go looking for a second opinion. The problem is that I've read and heard about so many anomalies with this bike that it's difficult to know what is true and what's B.S. Now with a main bearing being spun, I think it's time to talk to somebody to represent you from a legal perspective if the dealer refuses to cooperate. In fact, a call to American Suzuki at the following number would be my next step if the dealer continues to disrespect you like this: (714) 572-1490.

Some areas have news media that take stories like this and put the pressure on the company with bad service, as no business wants to be put on the 6:00 news with a story like this. Get your documentation with the dates and service records ready, and tell the dealer where you're headed, and then make sure you let American Suzuki know you're going there too if you don't get some satisfaction. This is a shame, as I really like my SV and am glad I've not had any real problems at 4,500 miles. Then again, I don't take my bike to the dealer for service, even though I bought the extended warranty from them when I bought the bike, you know, just in case. Go figure, no problems so far.

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like at: rrtscb@yahoo.com

8th Apr 2008, 21:22

OK so I took it back one more time, still popping back. I got the usb 3 on it like I was told to do to correct the pop. Still pops. Also was told it was not a wrist pin or main bearing knocking, and the pop was just me getting on the gas too fast. What??? Too fast??? It also started drinking lots of oil (half a quart in about 100 miles). No leaks or smoke.

But anyway, before I took it back this time, I contacted Suzuki of America, HSBC bank, & Suzuki Credit. I hope this time the will actually look at my bike rather than just blow me off. If they don't fix it this time, I will pursue them for breach of contract.

19th Jun 2008, 17:56

I love my 2003 SV1000s. The torque and acceleration are great. It will smoke a lot of bikes, and stick with most hot machines up to 100mph. At that point I start losing interest, as I'm not interested in risking life and limb to prove anything.

I've had no real problems. When I first got the bike, it did pop and stalled at low speed on occasion. Bumping up the idle 100 RPM solved that. Gianelli Titanium cans and snorkel removal make the bike sound amazing.

For all answers to questions about this bike and great tech info, go to the forum


1st Jul 2008, 09:46

I just bought my SV1000S in last 3 weeks. It's a 2005 with 28000 miles on it.

The power and the handling are there, but compared to my old 86 VFR Interceptor 700 and the 93 GSXR 750, on my new 05 SV1000S the engine sounds like it's going to break down and die at anytime. What I'm saying is there's a knocking sound that's coming from the engine block. I don't really know what to do about it and what it is?

There is no warranty on the bike. If I could do something to it on my own to stop it, I would try, cos my cash is getting thin from bringing this bike home. Any comment would be very helpful. Thanks.

18th Jul 2008, 18:39


Had my SV1000S since September 2007 - It really is a great bike. OK, you don't have the top end of a Fireblade or GSRX, but the v-twin sounds great coming through a pair of carbon quills, and the pick up is fantastic. I've had 145 out of it before letting up, and there was still a few mph left.

Faults - my only real complaint is the 130 mile tank range, which can be a pain, and the fuel gauge "flashing light" is a bit of a guessing game till you get use to it. The bike will stall if cold, but you soon "learn" how to ride it. Watch out for your speed - you can be happily riding along, only to look down and find out you're going a lot faster than you thought - I even had the speedo checked!

For me it's a great bike to ride; it's fun, it looks and sounds the dogs, and £ for £, show me a better bike.


20th Jul 2008, 09:04

To all the SV1000 owners worried about the knocking noise, this is normal on these bikes. Air cooled Ducati's and most V twins sound like this for some reason, the Vtr1000 being the only exception that I have ridden.

The motor in these bikes is very reliable and well sorted, so just ride it or stick on some noisy cans..

30th Jul 2008, 06:27

I'd like to add my 'two penneth'; I have a 2006 SV1000s. It's now done 26k and my major moans would be build quality, which is shocking.

The headlight lenses have crazed (heat issue), the fork legs are corroding as is the head stock. Other than that a real dream to ride.

Tyre choice is critical; it runs beautifully on BT021's and is very confidence inspiring in wet and dry conditions: The OEM fit Michelins are dire!

I get between 120 and 160 miles from a tank, depending on enthusiasm levels on the throttle.

The stock seat is hugely uncomfortable beyond 100 miles or so, brakes outstanding, front fork springs a little too soft, clutchless changes result in lots of false neutrals, tail tidy transforms the rear in to a thing of beauty IMHO, but steer clear of the powerbronze replacement which is a pig to fit! In my experience, the stock cans hit the deck a little too early.

When all said and done, the good outweighs the bad, and the bike always puts a smile on my face; the only problem now is what to replace it with when the time comes, as it's now discontinued.