14th Apr 2010, 01:20

I just can't take any more of some people's comments. I'm going to give some of you correct information, so you STOP GOING TO THE DEALER AND SPENDING YOUR MONEY FOR NO REASON.

If you want to stop popping coming through the air box, this popping is due to the PAIR SYSTEM. The pair system is an emission system, where if the ECU detects unburnt fuel in the exhaust system, it pulls air from the air box and dumps it into the exhaust. Don't believe me? Look it up. This can especially become a problem if you have an aftermarket exhaust. You can get a full PAIR removal kit with engines plates here: http://www.chewys-stuff.co.uk/

As for the the "knock", there was a batch batch of bearings used on '03 engines, which Suzuki finally acknowledged many years later. There is no problem with engine wear or unsafe riding conditions in any way. Don't get confused with the engine "knock" being the same as a knock coming from your clutch basket.

If you are running high compression, you should be using 93 octane gasoline in your engine. HIGHER OCTANE DOES NOT BURN CLEANER OR BETTER. Higher octane fuel has a higher compression combustibility, so the fuel will burn at the correct timing. That is why all turbo or supercharged vehicles require 93 octane.

In my experience, NEVER GO TO THE DEALER to diagnose your motorcycle problems. I have never been to the dealer with my motorcycle, and I have done an extreme amount of upgrades and adjustments.

If you have questions or concerns, go to www.sv-portal.com and get some quality information from people who own your motorcycle as well as mechanics and enthusiasts. If you don't feel comfortable doing the work, then go to the dealer.

I can't remember anymore of the questions or problems, so I will go back and read over them again.

A correctly educated owner is a happy owner! Educate yourself!

7th Jul 2010, 11:25

SLA or Helli bars for the Suzuki SV1000s? What are the pro/cons for either of them?

20th Aug 2010, 23:32

I'm looking at a K7 SV1000s new leftover on the showroom floor right now. sv-portal has been extremely informative, and I believe some of the maladies mentioned could be also resolved with the proper TPS adjustment that some one did a write up on on the sv-portal site.

I also agree that an informed SV1000 rider will be a lot happier.

I just binned an 09 R1, and the SV1000 is a good deal for me financially, although it will be a much different bike technologically. Even so, I believe I will really enjoy this bike.

Have fun out there!

16th Jun 2011, 00:56

I have no comment, rather a question, I'm thinking of trading my 04 Kaw ZRX1200R for 04 Suz SV1000S, but I'm apprehensive about the V2 engine, what is it? 500cc each cylinder? How does it sound, and is there much vibration? I've read some negative reviews as well. My 1200 is battle tested with 35000, but doesn't seem to have the same kick it used to, is the mileage getting danger zone high? I have given it hell every season, 100+ most the time. WHAT should I do???

19th Mar 2013, 13:28

There is nothing wrong with your bike; it's common on the SV1000S. To get rid of the noise, you can buy a rubber o-ring, which fits on the crank casing, which gets rid of the knocking noise.