14th Jun 2007, 17:53

Hi there, I have just inherited a brand new h100a from 1980 from my dad who recently passed away. The bike has only done 100 miles from new, and is in concours condition. The bike is showroom condition and I am scared to ride it. Should this bike be ridden or kept in storage?

Kind Regards,

Brian IN the UK

27th Jun 2007, 11:08

I have a 1980 (W reg) H100A that I have just restored. It is now show room condition and finished in blue. I will only ride it on special occasions, and not park it out of my sight.

I bought it in July 2003 for less than two hundred and it was a wreck, probably due to inexperienced owners. I used it for a year for commuting, and had some great times on it.

In traffic, I had a guy get out of his van to ask if it was a 50 or 125. I replied it is a 100. He commented on how well it looked.

I have spent two years restoring it, but could have done it in about two months, if had the motivation. I would be heart broken to part with it.

Although the H100A is able for commuting and is robust, personally I would not use it for that in show room condition (always some nerd wanting to spoil your fun - get what I mean).

9th Jul 2007, 23:26

I recently purchased a 1974 Suzuki 185, only 3900 miles, all original including RARE electric start, chrome fenders, and the seat is not even torn. Bright orange with lights & horn, it is showroom NEW, not sure to just ride or park for another 25 years.

Looking for a owners manual to maintain service records with correct specs. CV (586) 774-3737 Eastpointe MI.

13th Jul 2007, 20:23

Hi there two stroke lovers... I just bought my first dirt bike of my own (I've been riding for a while on 4 stroke 50's 125's and occasionally 1986 xr250r... when my dad lets me) but anyway I just bought a 1980 Suzuki TS 100... and holy crap (pardon my french) this thing blows away my dads 250... off the line and in top speed. It's a two stroke oil injected on and off road... I love it; it's fast, light for its year, and has better mpg than all my friends brand new 4 strokes... I'm 15... I bought it for 450, and I intend to keep it for many years to come...

18th Apr 2008, 04:31

Just want to share information about Suzuki TS125.

Recently I bought an used Suzuki TS125 ER for US$900. The model first introduced in 1980-1982. But in Indonesia, they still producing it until 2005. Mine is 2003. Maybe they still selling it until today in some developing countries.

It's a small engine and the whole weight is just 90+ kg.

The power is good, very good for trailing around.

11th Aug 2008, 18:57

I too owned the TS125, or shall I say Dad did. I used to be the terror of the neighborhood on that thing! I goofed though; I was racing go karts at the time and put methanol in the bike; it corroded everything over time and I lost it to a junkyard.

It was a great bike though; I used to be able to stay ahead of my friend Kevin on his CR125, but if I bobbled a bit he would sling shot me: but all in all I think it was a great bike too!


30th Aug 2008, 05:22

Suzuki 2 strokes were wonderful bikes - light, reliable and powerful for their size. The 70's model TS 185 makes a fantastic little road bike - it will hold 60mph all day and pulls hard in top gear to near 80mph .Its evenly spread gears made it more suited to the road than the latter 1980's model, which had the lower 3 gears suited to off road .

It is very easy to hop up most of these 2 strokes with almost no cost. I had a TS185 that did 95mph. The standard brakes are not up to that speed however.

The 185 is almost the same weight as the 125, but with a lot more usable power.

The T350 was another great bike - awesome handling, very smooth and very quick for a 315cc piston ported air cooled engine. Even with a drum front brake they could easily out brake a RD350 at top speed. Of course the RD would be going about 8mph faster!

15th Aug 2009, 22:39

I recently nagged a near mint 1975 Suzuki TS185 for free. It didn't run (how I got it for free), but after a good run through the carb and splicing to wires the mice had gotten to, she fired right up.

I can't ride it much right now as to get it over I had to lay it down in the bed of the truck, breaking the clutch lever.

This is my 6th or 7th bike, but the first one to displace more than 50cc (19?? Suzuki FA 50, 1983 Honda Urban Express Deluxe Iowa NU50M and a 1985 Puch Astro Daimler with the ZA50 2 speed motor/trans) and that ran any well at all (found a 1976 Yamaha YZ250 in the trash... quickly found out why). Usually starts 3rd or 4th kick, but she runs better and starts easier every day, so I expect that to get better. Wonderfully fun bike so far!

18th Sep 2009, 10:15

I like my Suzuki TS125 for its size and light weight, very easy to handle and ride offroad. It's got adequate power for trailing and hill climbing. Because of its light weight, I have no problem when got stuck in mud or slipped during hill climbing. Only one problem with my aging bike (1980), the engine tend to stall after about half an hour riding. Still looking, what is the fault?

14th Aug 2012, 20:42

I ride my 1974 Suzuki TS125 everyday to work. It's a bit comical to see my bike parked next to the Harleys and Gold Wings that the other guys ride!

16th Aug 2012, 20:14

Yeah, but those Harley's and Goldwings can't take off onto the trails & through the woods like your TS can. My TS 125 was probably the most fun bike I've owned... Well my Maxim X was a heck of a lot of fun too.

22nd Feb 2016, 17:03

I have a question for you. Is it possible to transplant the TS185 jug and piston over to the TS125? The 185 is trashed but the engine is free and clear. The 125 is a runner, but I'm thinking the increase in displacement might be kind of fun.

7th Jun 2016, 08:01

Back in 1974 I had a brand new TS 125 L in blue with chrome mudguards.

On the day of delivery, my work day could not go quick enough. I rushed home and it stood gleaming outside my house. I got my helmet and was out enjoying it for hours.

Mine was not that fast, but great fun to ride and handled very well and looked great when polished up on a sunny day.

It seized up one day; had it re bored twice in two weeks, but it never ran the same again, and I ended up selling it and bought a second hand DT 175 twin shock to get around on, L reg.

17th Sep 2021, 09:46

I have a 2002 TS 125. It's hard to find out stuff about it. Great bike, seems super reliable.