2000 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder from Sweden


Generally good, but check out the electrics


Generally this bike has been reliable, and the Suzuki 800 Twin is a very tough engine with few problems. Even at 56000 this engine shows no wear.

But there has been a lot of smaller and larger electrical faults. The electrical system, especially the wiring, is not up to spec. Has had a poor connection several times that has been hard to locate, and you need to take off the tank for access each time. Changed horn, coil, battery twice. Poor connection in blinker button, start button and light button. Has taken parts apart and cleaned, and sprayed with WD-40. That did the trick.

This engine is a little picky on the engine oil. Use right JASO spec oil, or the clutch will slip badly.

General Comments:

A comfortable, fuel efficient bike, that's ideal for commuting and shorter trips. Overall very good economy; 250km/10L cruising, 220km/10L commuting, which is very good for a 800 Twin. Stylish and good mid-range pull. The 800 Twin engine is a real gem. I changed sprockets so I have lower revs when cruising.

Has held up quite well, but the chrome parts have started to rust. Paint is very good and almost looks like new, and I polish this bike 2-3 times a season, which preserves the paint.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

13th Aug 2009, 05:27

Suzuki has now produced this model for 12 years more or less unchanged, except for added fuel injection instead of carbs to meet emission standards and some minor styling changes. Engine, transmission and the frame is unchanged. That says something on how well built this bike is. The mechanical parts of these bikes are more or less unbreakable. I've driven mine for almost ten straight years with no problems except some electrical problems as mentioned above.

There is a little design flaw: Both the coil and the spark plug for the front cylinder is somewhat exposed for the elements and I've experienced that front cyl starts to misfire due to contact corrosion and moisture when driving in wet. I've experienced this a couple of times, and now I inspects this area regularly and check the contact points and plugs (hard to get to).