13th Aug 2010, 10:58

Hello Snorre, I live in Uruguay. I have owned a Tula TMZ 5952 for four years. I am 55 years of age, and enjoy outdoor walks through the countryside. I also enjoy doing my own motorcycle maintenance. I travel 20,000 km without any damage, but soon have to replace parts due to natural attrition. Although I have downloaded some documents from the web, I cannot find a service manual motor mechanic. If you have it and want to share, I would be eternally grateful.

A greeting.

Horacio Sosa.


12th Jan 2011, 19:51

Hi, I live in Brazil and have a 2 wheel blue Tula TMZ 200 1994.

Yes, indeed it's a very different type of bike. I bought it several years ago for collection. It's in very nice shape and original. I love showing it to my friends and people; they all agree that it's different. Russian bikes are rare in Brazil. And I love this one.

(Franz) tula200@ig.com.br

1st Feb 2011, 03:42

Hi I have just bought my husband a Tula Muravey Trike tipper as a renovation project for his birthday; it goes, but needs some work... can anyone tell me where I can get a workshop manual in English for it?

Please contact Diane or Iain (atkinsondiane@rocketmail.com)

Thank you


30th Mar 2011, 06:07

Hi, I am looking for a Red fuel tank for my Tula Muravey, does anyone have one for sale?

Also a black cover plate which fits on the front of the engine cover, must be a tool box or something.

Many thanks, Bob

My email address. robertbrown11@btinternet.com

7th May 2012, 08:54

Hello friends:

In April, 2012 I bought a trike TMZ Muravey engine number 2772746 in good condition. It'd had only one owner, and was registered in 2008.

I would like to get the service manual in English or Spanish, if someone can send it to me, thanks.

Is there an international club of users of TMZ (Tula)? I love this vehicle.

My e-mail: cx7af@hotmail.com

Greetings: Francisco Escobar.

18th Jun 2012, 17:15

Hi, I have just bought a Tula trike; not sure of the year or model, but it looks like the TMZ 200, but in trike form. If anyone could enlighten me on the year, I would be very grateful. Also a manual would be nice :-)


8th Jul 2012, 04:25


I'm also from Norway, and I'm looking for a Tula 3 wheeler. I can get one from friends in St. Petersburg, but the Russian customs and the long trip...

Please contact me!

Geirr Nilsen.

15th Sep 2012, 21:50

Hi, I'm in the UK, and I have recently purchased a Tula Muravey tt200 three wheeler with box body. I need a complete engine, cooling cowling, ignition coil, drive chain and exhaust. If anybody can help, my contact email is darryl.hill1@ntlworld.com.

3rd Jan 2013, 08:42

Hi, I saw your message on that Emu site. How far have you got with your Muravey project? I've got one, but can't find much info about them. I know someone in North Lincs imported them years ago, but that's about it. I've just joined the VMSC to see if they can date mine.


This is mine running.

Any info would be a help.

Thanks, Sye.

4th Jan 2013, 09:15

Hi, I forgot to say that we are here:



18th Mar 2014, 18:05

Hello friends, this is my second post.

I was so satisfied with the performance of the engine that I decided to get a bike TMZ 5,952 and could finally get one in good condition, so now I have two vehicles from TMZ.

Also, I visit the forum http://tulamuravey.freeforums.org/index.php and also the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/tulamz/

I hope many of you join the forum and the group.

Greetings from South America, Francisco Luis Escobar

e-Mail: cx7af@hotmail.com

29th Jun 2014, 07:44

My name is Ron, and I have a Tula trike; undocumented unfortunately?

I have a 200CC engine with electronic ignition. Now I'm missing the part from the spark plug wire to the magnets. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Or better yet, deliver the component?

Sincerely, Ron.


8th Dec 2014, 09:39

I have a 86 Tula, and an English service manual would be great please.

Email marc1983@live.com.au

11th Aug 2015, 21:44


Download this manual. Note! The Tourist, Tulitsa, Tula, and Muravey have the same engine.

If you have any questions, my mail is karasev.p@gmail.com

25th Jan 2017, 08:19

I did a quick search and found a webpage where it seems as parts are available: http://www.minskparts.com/Tula%20spare%20parts/Tula%20spare%20parts.html

Anyone aware of other sources?

10th Jun 2018, 16:35

Hi, my name is Jose Alvarez and I'm living in the EU; can you send me the repair manual please.

My email is joaquinin1128@gmail.com.

Thank you very much.

15th Jun 2018, 07:24

Hi! I don't have it on my present computer, but can see if I can find it at home, later.

Anyway, a similar one, and other interesting material, may be found here:


21st Oct 2019, 09:25


I appreciate this was written in 2007, but I am at a loss, so here goes in the hope you might be able to help.

I have purchased a Tula trike and I have an issue with it not charging the battery; if you know where I could get a manual in English or perhaps some knowledge of this problem you could pass on I would be very grateful.

The trike was a caravan, but is now converted with a coffee machine and I will be supporting local charities on a not for profit basis.

Thank you in anticipation.


13th Feb 2020, 23:41

James. Didn't see your comment until now. Will see if I can find the manual on one of my computers...

17th Feb 2020, 11:02

Hi Kevin here. I also have a Tula Muravey 3 wheeled scooter which I believe is a 68-72 model. It was running well but has lost its spark, so going to get back in to it again, so a copy of any manual would be much appreciated.

Email address fernleakev@aol.com

Thanks Kevin.

24th Feb 2020, 09:36

Hi Kevin

Just sent it by email.. Good luck!

28th May 2020, 20:52

Hi, I have purchased a Tula Muravey scooter trike and I don't know much about them; can anyone supply info or some sort of manual to get info from? Thanks for any help, Steve.

6th Jul 2020, 14:54

If you post an email address here, I can send you a manual.

20th Jul 2020, 04:17

Hi, my name is Mikael Johansson and I'm living in the Sweden, can you send me the repair manual please.

My email is. micke.trummis@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

21st Jul 2020, 18:34

Hi Mikael!

I have just emailed you the manual.

Good luck!


16th Feb 2021, 21:32

Hi, I just bought two in the UK. Would really appreciate a copy of the manual, thanks Stuart.


24th Feb 2021, 20:42

Hi. I have just sent the manual to the email adress that you provided. If you do not receive it, for some reason, let me know. Then I could make another attempt..

22nd Aug 2021, 14:22

Hello tuladrivers, info moving page.


9th Sep 2021, 10:59

Hello to all readers passing by.

I am new with Tula as I recently purchased a T 200-M from 65 and it's great, but I find the engine a bit tired...

I would like to start restore it, but I will need spare parts and a technical book or review.

Any idea as from where I could eventually be lucky with these?

I am from Belgium by the way.


23rd Nov 2021, 22:42

Maybe check if any of these people have parts of interest:


29th Mar 2022, 22:59

Please can I have a Tula Muravey 1981 3 wheel trike manual. Ivankingbeck@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks.

18th Feb 2023, 04:38

Hi guys.

Lovely topic :)

I am looking for a manual, parts catalog and wiring diagram for a TMZ Tula/Tulitsa/Muravey in english or any language.


I am starting a restoration of TMZ Tulitsa 200 made in 1985.

Greeting from Croatia and huge thanks in advance.

15th May 2023, 16:25


I have a three wheeled Tula and it is difficult to ride at lower speeds. Also, where is the oil level for the gearbox?

Many Thanks, Howard.

15th May 2023, 16:32


I'm in Ireland and I have a Tula Muravey. It is difficult to steer at low speeds. Is this a problem with them? I would also like to check the gearbox oil level but I cannot find a level plug. Is it possible to get an English version of the operators manual?

Kind Regards, Howard.

17th May 2023, 21:43


Could I get some advice on where the gearbox level plug is on a Tula Muravey 1972?

Also, is it possible to get a shop manual in english?

Advice please to howardbustard@hotmail.com