2007 Triumph Bonneville from United States of America


It is exactly what I wanted


Difficult to start when cold, or difficult to keep running when the engine is cold, resulting in a dead battery multiple times.

No help from the dealer because he went belly up within the first month I owned the motorcycle, and the nearest dealer / service was approximately 100 miles away (on a motorcycle that appeared to be less than dependable). A few emails to the Triumph organization in Georgia netted me one brochure concerning accessories, and a single copy of the Triumph rider's magazine.

Over time I learned to tweak the idle adjustment and eliminate the battery failure, and to perform my own service requirements.

General Comments:

I owned a 1961 TR6, in 1962, and I practically lived on it. To work during the week and to play on weekends. After 47 years, when I saw the Bonneville T100 it was an easy decision to buy it. They have removed most of the vibration, eliminated the oil leaks, boosted the power and made it a very nice ride. It's heavier and quieter, but it's better.

I don't use the throttle as I once did, but it is easy to ride and accelerates effortlessly in all gears. Hilly, winding roads are still fun to ride. The clutch is smooth and the brakes are solid.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2011

2007 Triumph Bonneville from United States of America


It's a wonderful bike


Since day one out of the showroom, front-end bounce when decelerating. Happens between 45-60 mph, but not when going slower or faster. Wheels round and tires balanced. As the bike accumulated miles, less and less occurrence.

Head gasket started to weep at 9,000 miles. Replaced at 12,000 mile service.

Four episodes of stalling when riding in heavy downpour, but able to restart after a while. Servicing dealer could not duplicate conditions, and therefore unable to make proper diagnosis.

Otherwise a problem-free ride.

General Comments:

This is the 2007 Thruxton model with the clip-on bars, rearset footpegs, hump seat, upswept tailpipes and aluminum wheels. It has a larger engine displacement than the regular Bonneville. Last model year with carbs.

I replaced the stock upper triple clamp and clip-ons with a custom upper triple clamp and superbike bars to make it more comfortable for daylong trips. I also fitted a Bonnie seat that's flatter and more accommodating for two-up riding.

Old school stance, lots of comments at stoplights about vintage vibes.

This bike is not about sheer acceleration or warp speed. Neither is it only about boulevard or parking lot modeling. Take it out on a secondary roadway with sweeping curves, and you can appreciate its flavor. The motor pulls strongly at all gears, and the frame is well-balanced with the power output. It can take chicanes reasonably quick if you preset your suspension properly for THAT kind of riding.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2011

1977 Triumph Bonneville from United States of America


Awesome bike with lots of character, that gets looks if you can get it out of the garage


Moderate restoration needed.

Carbs needed to be replaced (not cheap!).

Chain tensioners have needed to be replaced 3 times.

2 dead batteries.

Clutch cable broke, pulling off from a stop sign.

Front brake system easily gets in air and dirt, and is a pain to fill.

General Comments:

This was my first bike. Great performance and didn't disappoint the faithful.

This bike got all kinds of looks and comments when out at restaurants, shows, or gas stations... mostly from the old guys who remember racing their close Tiger cousins.

Seat got uncomfortable after an hour or two, electrics were a nightmare, painful to clean, frustrating to maintain, and had some infuriating quirks. And yet...

This all is what made it a masterpiece...

Granted, it wasn't all sugar plums and daises owning this old Triumph, but it was sublime to ride when it was working properly, and it was its quirks that made me love it. I might not spring for one in the future, but this bike made my first riding experiences full of memories, both good and bad. A beautiful specimen of British conception and execution.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010