2013 Triumph Scrambler 900 from United States of America


Great utility bike



General Comments:

Great commuter bike. Fits easily in my garage. Gets 51+ MPG around town. I haven't taken any long trips on highways/freeways.

Looks sharp. I get many complements.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2014

2010 Triumph Scrambler 900 from United Kingdom


Best bike I've owned in years



General Comments:

Handling was a bit suspect until I replaced the stock tyres with Avon Road Riders; this totally transferred the handling of the bike, absolutely love the way it handles now.

The seat is uncomfortable after a hundred miles or so; looking to change that to a gel seat in the future.

I also have fitted the aftermarket silencers from Triumph; I love the noise.

Having owned a 2001 Bonneville prior to the Scrambler, the Scrambler feels the better bike. The grin factor is huge, it reminds me more of my earlier T140, and the power feels more raw. All in all, the best bike I've owned in years.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2014

2006 Triumph Scrambler 900 from Australia


A motorcycle that you will fall in love with, and pass down to your children


Nothing to report, only travelled 1000km.

General Comments:

Bought this motorcycle new and I just can't get enough of it.

The Triumph Scrambler is not a super fast bike, but the torquey nature of the engine makes it so much fun to ride.

I love the upright riding position with the wide handlebars. It bring a new meaning to "counter steering". It absolutely loves a winding mountain road, and the sound from the organ up swept pipes is music to the ears. If you don't like striking up conversation with strangers, you may have a problem if you ride this bike. It seems to attract a curious crowd around it when you return from the shops.

If you like classic looking British bikes, especially Scramblers, you will fall in love with the Triumph Scrambler 900 (865cc).

It is a joy to ride, and you may find yourself spending hours just looking at it in every different angle, trying to find a bad profile (I haven't found one yet).

A great all-round bike, that you can ride all day long, with some fire trail riding if you ever want to (Bridgestone Trail Wings are were fitted and seem to do a good job.

The balance shaft Triumph uses is a work of art, as the 865cc engine must be one of the smoothest, sweetest parallel twins in the world!!!

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Review Date: 1st September, 2007

2nd Apr 2009, 18:09

I totally agree with your comment's about the Scrambler. I just purchased the last of the naturally aspirated ones available in NZ before they all become E.F.I.

So far I absolutely love the machine. My only comment would be that for a bike that you might take up a rough road, having the rear brake calipers positioned where they are, they are prone to pick up dirt. I wonder why the designers at Triumph didn't put it to the top position?

Apart from that, this is a fun bike all round to ride and own, and I will be keeping this one for a long time.

21st May 2012, 18:27

I purchased a 2012 Triumph T 100 Bonneville in Cranberry Red and New England White, and I just love the motorcycle. I also wish the Triumph dealer had told me about the 2012 Triumph 110th Anniversary T 100 Bonneville.

Well I am happy with my Triumph T 100 Bonneville, and shortly after owning it, I asked the Triumph dealer about the 900 Scrambler. We filled out a credit application over the phone and I was approved. A few weeks went by and I was at the Triumph dealer again, and I asked him about the 900 Scrambler. He had a black 2012 model on the sales floor, but I preferred the Matte Khaki Green color better. I took delivery the next day, and I just love this motorcycle. I like it better than my Triumph T 100 Bonneville. I really enjoy riding this motorcycle. I don't know about taking it off road because of the weight of the motorcycle. It reminds me of the old Triumph TR6C motorcycle's of the 60's. The riding position is ideal, and the handling is excellent.

Robert W. Anderson.