15th Jul 2018, 05:27

Dude - thank you for being such a savage individual, because you just wrote and saved me the time to write exactly what I was about to say, and I owned one 20 years ago and I just bought a new one. The point is you're riding it like a 90-year-old human being!

The powerband is way up there and it actually can go a little past 11, but yeah so in town you should be in second gear if you want to stay under 60 miles an hour. My first one I had up to a hundred and forty miles an hour with still another inch to ratchet on the throttle! Truth being said; it hates to be ridden that way - you want to keep the R's high at all times unless you're out on the highway doing a long run somewhere! Ride it like an old Kawasaki H2 750 or an old H1 500 calorie triple two stroke I know it's a 4-stroke motor, but it likes to run that way, and it runs more efficiently and better and always if you ride it like that. Just my opinion of course, but I did put 25,000 miles or 30,000 miles on my first one. Good luck though my brother, and get some saddle time and you'll get it all figured out.

Cheers to all my brothers and sisters that ride! Keep the rubber on the asphalt and get into the wind! Peace.

14th Aug 2018, 14:00

The Virago looking bike was a version of the XJ700 Maxim, but it was known as the MaximX instead of standard Maxim.

Same bodywork and drivetrains on the two bikes, but the X had the Genesis engine, while the standard XJ700 had the tried and true air cooled inline 4 cylinder used by Yamaha on much of their inline 4 powered cruisers, and even the early FZ600s.

The Maxim was fun and comfortable, but add the Genesis 5 valve engine and the X-factor is fantastic.

Hard bike to find nowadays...

17th May 2019, 05:12

I may be a little late, but just had to troubleshoot an intermittent headlight issue with my son and his 86 Fazer. After tracing all wires looking for the break/short, we just happened upon the start button. When you press the start button, the first of two switches activated in the button is a headlight cutoff; pressing further activates the starter. When the button is released, the headlight will not power on unless the switch fully disengages. Try pulling it out a little, or applying some lube.

17th Jul 2019, 04:37

Frckin awesome bike! Here's my story. Saw this bike back in 1986 when in Utah in the US Army. Thought it was somewhat radical at the time so ended up buying what I thought at the time was its sexier/cruisier cousin, the XJ700 Maxim-X. Loved that shaft drive. Sold the MaximX prior to marriage and family.

Fast forward 30 years. Now in Michigan. This spring I started looking at used bikes and the 86 Fazer fell into my price range cross hairs. 70 miles away was a very good condition bike for sale with only 8,500 miles. Barely a scratch anywhere. Very well maintained over the years. I was also interested in an FJ1300 and VMAX in very good conditions. However, after a visit to see and ride the FZX700, I snatched it up, especially with a buyer from Ohio really wanting it. Runs like new. Just had to fix rear brake light switch assembly, and adjust chain slack and headlamp angle. That Genesis engine is scary fast, and exhaust has a distinctive growl without being loud. I think I'm the only one in my county with one and it seems to turn heads as well. I think it's the original naked bike style, and will keep it until I can no longer ride. The only issue is uncomfortable seat after more than 30 minutes. I'm thinking about getting a Corbin Gunfighter seat. I will update more as time ticks on. Rock on Fazer fans.

15th Jun 2020, 05:05

The manual I bought says:

At 5°C (40°F) or Higher:

Yamalube 4-cycle oil or SAE 20W40 Type SE Motor Oil

At 15°C (60°F) or Lower:

SAE 10W30 Type SE Motor Oil

So you'd most likely need the 20W40 if you're driving in the summer mainly like most of us.

Hope this helps anyone new to this classic bike in the future, as there's not a ton of information readily available out there on the net for this bike.

5th Feb 2021, 06:26

According to "https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_fsx700%20Fazer.htm" the fuel tank holds 14 litres / 3.6 US gallons.

I wish it had a 5 US gallon fuel tank on it. My 1987 Fazer is one of my all time favorite bikes. I am now 87 years old and still ride my Fazer show bike and a beautiful 1985 Maxim-X. These two are my keepers.

22nd Apr 2022, 03:34

Yeah I think about 138-140 was all I ever hit on flat interstate on a moderate temp day with decent air at like 3200 foot elevation. I probably topped it out a few dozen times and that was where she maxxed out at. They were a fun little bike tho.