1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from Canada


She's my baby


I drove this bike out of the showroom in 1986 & parked it in my front room every winter... she's my baby.

I've had several different bikes over the years, but just could never justify parting with this one. I've had a few issues with carburetors varnishing up after storage, but besides that... I've never had problems.

I'm having issues with front tire size and am not sure if I can increase the front tire size from a 110/90V 16 (stock) to a Metzler 130/90V 16. Any advice would be gladly received.

General Comments:

This bike has performed excellent over the years & roll-on is phenomenal. After 30 years she still turns heads & I'll probably be buried with her... LMAO.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2016

19th Feb 2019, 20:45

If you purchased this motorcycle in Canada new, it should be a 750cc. We didn’t have tariffs on motorcycles in Canada like the U.S. did. They got the 700cc, we got the 750cc.

1987 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from United States of America


This bike epitomizes the reason we ride... for fun!


So far... none.

General Comments:

I'm an old geezer and have been riding for many, many years. Have owned over 50 motorcycles. Former 250gp racer.

I bought my '87 Fazer 700 to use in the local Classic Japanese Motorcycle club, to show and ride. The only mod to my stock bike was installing a Dynojet Kit, Stage 1. It is so dialed in now that it will start immediately, from a cold start, without the choke!

This bike is a blast to ride! It's very smooth, has a hyper personality, and is never boring to ride.

I'm 5' 10" and the ergonomics of the riding position are quite good, and especially the reach to the handlebars and the footpegs.

If you have one of these, take good care of it and never sell!

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Review Date: 24th September, 2014

18th Jun 2015, 00:47

I got my FZX 1986 700 Fazer from my cousin for a 3 hour job doing a water pump for him. The bike sat in his garage for 10 years and needed carburetor work. I rode it when he first got it and smoked a GSXR 750. I look back and didn't see him. The bike scared the crap out of me.

I fixed the bike, it runs great. I put struts on it and slammed it 3 inches. Maybe I will learn how to post pics.


1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from United States of America




Carbs needed cleaning.

General Comments:

This bike just feels right. I love the way it revs and handles. I picked up my bike off a guy that laid it down in a ditch. For this reason he was willing to sell it dirt cheap. Plus the fact that appearance wise it was obvious that the owners didn't care about shine. It will take me weeks to buff out the neglect.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2014

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from United States of America


Love this bike so much that I want another


Chain had to be replaced at around 9000 miles.

General Comments:

This bike is almost scary fast sometimes. Just hold the throttle full on through the gears.

Hard to believe it's only a 700cc.

Very nimble and easy to handle.

Mine was souped up with the Dial-a-Jet carb kit, and SuperTrapp exhaust, which helped increase performance a good bit.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2014

24th Apr 2014, 13:15

The more miles you put on it, the more you will love this bike. I fell in love with these things back in 1986; I even sat on one in a dealership that year. Took until 2000 until I got my first one, I had been messing with other bikes until then. Mine is heavily modified now, 4 into 1 header, pod filters, HUGE main jets, Corbin custom made seat, high powered light, bigger front springs. My next project is a full front brake system swap. I currently have 8 motorcycles, including a V Max, and the Fazer is my favorite; I ride it everywhere, long trips, short trips, it is the best all around bike made.

With the mods mine acts like a drag bike, very fast revving now, too much for any beginner.

The main complaints about this when new were the brakes and front suspension. The bigger springs took care of the suspension issues, it is now rock solid handling. The front brakes are a joke, they are the only weak spot on this bike; once I get a new system, this thing will be perfect.

30th Apr 2014, 02:27

I love mine also, but I'm having some problems. Mine has a 4 into 1 header, and pod filters also, but I can't seem to get the jet sizing right. Have tried multiple different sizes, but it's just not quite running right. What size jets are you using?

4th Sep 2015, 20:21

Not sure if you get notifications from this or not, but I would love to see a picture of yours please.

Thanks, James.


20th May 2023, 02:32

Drill out the plugs that cover pilot idle jets, turn them out 2.75 after very carefully running them in, this will help idling. Watch YouTube videos on drilling out the caps or plugs, whatever you prefer to call them.