16th Sep 2015, 20:16

I have a 1986 Fazer 700. I got it for my girlfriend, and she is 5 foot. I'm trying to lower it so she can handle it; any idea on what, where and how I can get this done? I have tried a few motorcycle shops around where I live, including one specializing in Yamahas. They couldn't find anything. If you could please respond, that would be helpful.


16th Jan 2016, 16:19

You can find different sizes of struts online. 9 inch is low, but she will be able to touch the ground. You have to get used to it; it bounces around and could throw you off the bike. Take it easy till you get used to it. You can look into 9 or 10 inch shocks.

13th Mar 2016, 15:57


I had a 86 Fazer... stage 3 carb kit and Yosh pipe (identical to FZ750 bolts).

Was not the fastest bike I owned; that belongs to the FZR1000R ex-up. HOWEVER... this FZX was the quickest. There is a difference between fast and quick.

Some believe that it was a 750 model. Untrue...

This was a tariff bike meant to beat the import tariff placed on bikes 750cc or larger, due to the quest of Harley Davidson's sales drop at the time.

The stroke was cut 4mm and displacement went to 697cc. Basic FZ750 motor only with the short stroke actually increasing RPM.

This was a true pleasure to ride, looked great, handled nice, and was a wheelie machine.

Have to give it to Yamaha... a job well done.

46 can... Mark.

15th Apr 2016, 15:11

Where did you find the exhaust and carb kit? I'll be picking up an 86 tomorrow and would like to wrench on it a bit. Solely for longevity purposes.

20th May 2016, 17:25

I too am looking for a clean carb rack for my 1986 Fazer 700. The ethanol in today's gasoline doesn't play well with carburetors. I have 18,600 original miles on mine. I hate to part with it, but I am considering it.

30th May 2016, 02:33

Bought an 86 Fazer this past January after seeing one in the local Craigslist. Had never seen one before and have been riding since the early 70s. Did a little research and had to have it. Was not running when I went to look at it, but the price was right (after negotiations). I dropped it off at my local mechanics for a carb cleaning and I did the rest of the restoration. Body was in great shape. Tank had a lot of surface rust, but that cleaned up real nice. Needed a new fuel pump as the existing one had a leak. I got one off eBay from a different model for $25 because they want $300 for stock.

I put braided steel brake and clutch lines on from Spiegler with the gold fittings, new sintered brake pads, Supersprox Stealth Gold Rear Sprocket (46 teeth), DID 530VX X-Ring Chain Gold, new rubber front and rear, Progressive rear springs, Race Tech front spring, new clutch slave cylinder, Sunstar Front Countershaft Sprocket 16T, and of course all fresh fluids and filters. The bike runs like new. Idles perfect and is almost as quick as my Honda Blackbird. Like this bike so much because it's so easy to get around on and love the looks. Am keeping my eye out for the faired model, 1987 FZ700.

4th Apr 2018, 07:55

What fuel pump did you end up getting? My stock is a bit unreliable.