2007 Yamaha Road Star Silverado from United States of America


Want to sell it, will never buy another Yamaha product


At under 1000 miles the motorcycle developed extremely loud metal to metal noise, more. This makes the motorcycle very uncomfortable due to unrelenting excessive noise (and no mods to the exhaust).

At under 1000 miles the motorcycle developed extreme vibration at all RPM and all speeds including idle. This makes the motorcycle extremely uncomfortable to ride for even short distances of say over 10 miles.

General Comments:

Manufacturer's apparent position is that the motorcycle is naturally noisy, and if dealer can't 'fix' a problem it's not the manufacturers concern.

Apparent position is 'drive it till it breaks, then we'll see if the warranty applies'.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2009

4th Jan 2010, 23:33

You probably got what's known as a "knocker". A lot of these bikes making knocking noises. Mine sounded like a rod knock. Putting some synthetic oil in quieted it down quite a bit.

4th Apr 2010, 07:23

I have an 06 Road Star 1700cc Silverado midnight. I also have an ultra Harley. My 1700cc Yamaha performs and sounds similar to the Harley, so if the noise does not resolve with the synthetic oil (I use synthetic oil), get a lawyer and go after them. My Yamaha 1700 is a smooth easy ride and very comfortable. Something is wrong; you could go to another city with a reputable dealer; get them to help and back charge the dealer you purchased the bike from. Small claims court would handle that kind of charge.

19th Nov 2011, 11:54

I agree with comment about the noisy motor, but the dealer also told me it was normal. Got used to it. The bike drives fine. Above 60000 kms now. The bike still looks new.

2007 Yamaha Road Star Silverado from United States of America


I am completely satisfied with the value, quality and comfort of my Road Star


Engine was noisy, when I first bought the bike. I took the bike back to the dealer because I thought there must be something wrong with the valves causing the noise. The noise was reduced as I put on miles, and when I replaced the oil with Lucas 20/50 synthetic, the noise went away.

General Comments:

It's the finest most beautiful bike I've ever owned. I'm sure there are other quality motorcycles, but I started motorcycles in 1966, and riding Yamaha motorcycles in 1970, and have had 8 new flawless Yamahas since, and this is the best yet. The quality and finish belie the excellent price.

It is comfortable on trips and responds like a sport bike to rider input. I ride 52 miles to work and 52 back again. I feel more refreshed riding this Road Star than my new car.

My wife found the passenger seat uncomfortable, on longer rides. My last bike was a V-star, 1100 and the passenger seat was more comfortable, but I should mention that my wive now has a new Star of her own, and that she prefers riding her own bike now.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2009

12th Oct 2011, 09:14

I've been thinking about buying a 2006 1100 Silverado. It has 24,261 miles. They want $4999.00. Do you think the bike is worth it?

4th Nov 2011, 19:40

I bought an 03 this spring. It has tons of extras, and only 6500 km on it. This summer I put on over 13000 km on it, and love it. The 10000 in taxes I paid for it was the best money I ever spent.

2007 Yamaha Road Star Silverado from United States of America


Could be great, and time will tell


Had dealer install an aftermarket exhaust. They said it needed re-jet. They jetted too rich and only got 25-28mpg. Took it back to dealer and they jetted WAY too lean and almost detonated the motor. I re-jetted myself and now I get 45-51mpg, depending on freeway 45, or back road 50+. None of the 4-5 dealers within 50 miles have a clue as to how to jet a RoadStar. I got my info from the Road Star forums and now it runs strong.

Next, my V-Star 650 Silverado would drag the floorboards if I got real aggressive. This new Road Star Silverado will drag the floorboards in any turn. Yamaha even puts replaceable skid bars under the floorboards because of clearance problem. Poor design, IMO.

General Comments:

This motorcycle is IMO one of the most attractive and comfortable cruisers (seat wise) I've ever ridden. I get compliments on the looks everywhere I go.

Oil changes are a snap. Changing plugs and carb work requires above average mechanical skills. I wouldn't recommend this bike for a novice.

It's heavy almost 800lb loaded with fuel and oil. You do not have to be tall/big, but if you ever drop this bike over you had better be strong to lift it back up.

Even being so heavy, it will out accelerate a 1200 Sportster Nightster and eat it alive on top end.

The 2008 Road Star is fuel injected, and should be a better buy for the not-so-mechanical.

I usually ride a lot, but I've been out of town working, and 6,000 miles is usually a couple months riding not almost a year of ownership. It will get close to 20,000 in the next year, so I hope it holds up.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

3rd Jun 2008, 08:19

I am a 2000 Sportster rider, and am looking at the Silverado as a second bike to make longer rides more comfortable. I am looking at the Silverado because I want a more relaxed ride. I find it hard to believe that the power to weight ratio of the Silverado is such that it would come even remotely close to the acceleration of the much lighter Sportster block to block. On the highway, the Silverado will be much more stable I'm sure. I don't think the comparison of these two different purpose built bikes is fair to either one.

4th Apr 2011, 20:37

I have a 07 Roadstar myself. I bought my bike used. The previous owner had Vance and Hines Power shot installed with carb re-jetted and running rich. What was your fix?

Thanks, Big Mike.

4th Jan 2015, 01:04

I own a 2007 Roadstar Silverado. I wouldn't give it up for anything. I have ridden 10 hours nonstop to Myrtle Beach. It has great acceleration and handles awesome. I haven't had any trouble out of it at all. I need to change out fork seals now, but I have 31,000 miles on it. I ride all the time. You won't be disappointed.