1990 Yamaha T80 Townmate from United Kingdom


Better than expected - not for sale ever!


Kept jumping down in gear which was a bit scary! I got the manual and adjusted the clutch. Now no problem at all. Amazing what servicing can do!

General Comments:

This is my first bike. I wanted very cheap transport to work. I don't care about image (I'm 40) and liked the shaft drive, and a name I recognise from my youth and old man image! I did my CBT on it. It was my first ever ride on the road and it was fab. Instructor thought it was approaching 60mph at one point. The speedo read 45. I now get 50mph on the flat, which seems good to me.

I don't really want a restricted A1 licence so may try to get a 125 for a short while, but I bet I return to the T80. I won't be selling it.

It starts, goes, keeps you dry (ish with the windshield I fitted) and I get 120mpg ish.

Saving lots on local runs.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2008

3rd Jan 2009, 13:33

I'm in the middle of rebuilding my T80, but have my fairing missing of the front of the bike. I'm sure it has a badge on the front. I'm having trouble finding a replacement part. If any one could help me, email me at candyman1982@hotmail.co.uk THANK YOU.

1990 Yamaha T80 Townmate from United Kingdom


So far, completely love it


Front suspension and headlight aim failed MOT. £11 for a suspension kit and some glue to hold the light adjuster with a new nut = an MOT. New plug makes it reliable.

General Comments:

My first bike. I wanted economy, not performance.

On my CBT the instructor said I was pushing 60mph! Shame about the speed limit! My speedo was showing 45. Are they accurate?

The lights have a 12v bulb. This is a bad idea! I went out tonight and it needs a 6v bulb! Worth checking yours?

I hope to get good MPH without being the person the cars are all trying to overtake dangerously. Wait and see?

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Review Date: 5th October, 2008

1989 Yamaha T80 Townmate from Republic of Ireland


Comfortable lovely looking bike, with all you want in a bike


No back brakes.

Front brakes nearly gone.

Burning oil.

Speedo cable broken.

Kick start nearly gone.

No front indicators.

The seat has started to wear.

General Comments:

I would love to get my T80 back going right again. I bought off a old man for 200 euro. It started first kick and drove well. It was burning oil but I didn't think much of it.

After a few spins it started to go badly; it was drawing air and burning a lot of oil. Went to my local suppliers to get parts and they couldn't find any of the parts for me.

Is there any good suppliers in southern Ireland who will get what I need to get my T80 back on the road again? Can't wait to see what it's really like on the road.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2008

1991 Yamaha T80 Townmate from United Kingdom


A surprisingly nimble little bike that performs better than most other bikers expect


I bought it with these faults:

Indicators didn't flash

Headlamp very dim / diffuse beam

Paintwork scruffy.

After about 800 hard miles it hasn't missed a beat

General Comments:

Sorted the electrics, serviced it and it runs fine.

Does everything you'd expect from a tiddler, and then some, although brakes aren't brilliant and headlamp even less so (6 volt, direct magneto).

I used it for the Welsh National Rally this year, and got the Platinum award, having found 22 checkpoints, all over North Wales, covering 430 miles in 15 hours. Flat-out all the way and never gave any cause for concern. Other competitors were amazed at its performance, as was I!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008

6th Nov 2008, 16:11

I had a T80 that I bought in 2001 and used it for just over a year. I replaced it with the Honda C90 that ended up getting stolen. I preferred the T80 for several reasons, these being; better tank range, shaft drive, smooth gear box, cheap parts.

Although the C90 had better torque and 12 volt electrics.

I would still have the T80, but got rid of it because one of gearbox bearings were badly worn, thus needing an engine overhaul which I never had the time to do.