29th Sep 2008, 23:45

I'd like to know more about this bikes failure.

I've owned several Yamahas, Hondas and Kaws, and while they may have had little issues when new, I've never heard of a Japanese bike suffering catastrophic failure without reason. The worst story I ever actually saw as a Yamaha 4 cylinder that was assembled without RINGS on one piston! It ran crappy until the dealer finally tore the head off at 8K miles and found the cause. But it was still running.

8th Oct 2008, 22:52

Not sure in your case, but following the break-in procedure in the manual and having the first service performed is a must. After that the bike's a gem for life.

Running for more than a minute with the choke all out will always overheat the engine/clutch (they share the same oil) and discolor the pipes.

Also an out of whack air/fuel mixture at the carburetor can cause the same thing. The air/fuel mixture could either have been fixed, or it could have been broken at the first service.

29th Nov 2008, 23:55

There are cams available for the V-Star 1100s that will boost top-end and partially eliminate the higher rpm vibration. There are 2 into 1 exhaust systems that will yield about 2 or 3 horses, as well. I've been a proponent of 2 into 1 exhausts for V-Twin engines since the early 1970s. They work.

10th Jan 2009, 15:09

I own a 2005 V-Star 1100. It now has 21000 miles on it and I have had 0 problems with it. My aftermarket pipes blued a little, but I do have a throttle problem that tends to run it a little hot (I run with the throttle wide open too much). Sorry you had trouble with yours, but mine is great.

24th Sep 2009, 16:50

Have an 07 VStar Custom and love it. I put an oil filter reloc kit and tons on chrome. It does need a 6th gear on the interstate, but overall it's a SWEET ride.

22nd Dec 2009, 17:47

I am very surprised to hear of the problems at 1300 miles. I have had absolutely no problems in over 22000 miles on my 2005 Classic. The only problem I ever have is not enough time to ride. I wish I could work part time and still keep the bills paid. I had it serviced on schedule until the 7000 or so mile mark. Since then it's been oil changes only, after reading this I guess I will get the full service next March.

1st May 2010, 22:42

I'm surprised to hear of the problems with this bike...

I've got an '02 XVS-1100, which has done 107,000km (67,000 miles) all over Australia & is still running like new.

Just normal, regular servicing etc & she still purrs like a kitten :-)

Cheers, Macka.

13th Oct 2012, 12:13

Starter assembly - $600, call Yamaha about a bulletin.

Front wheel shakes bad when slowing down. Anyone else having this issue?

17th Jan 2015, 13:47

Bought a 2007 1100 Silverado used from a dealer in North Carolina with 13,640 miles last April. Spent 4 months riding it back to California via the Northern States. Stayed with friends here and there, but mostly camped out on the road... only 3 nights in motels. Stayed on State highways and county roads with minimal freeway time. The bike ran well except for clutch slip under load in 5th gear or hard acceleration. I have been riding bikes for 50 years and never had that happen before, so I assume the previous owner may have been a bit useless in the clutching department. Put 12,000 miles on it from May thru Sept, and it's at 27,000 now... looks like I'm going to have to replace that clutch as it is revving up under hard acceleration. Needless to say I babied it on the trip and it got me back home OK.