2009 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom from United States of America


Good beginner bike


Nothing really has gone wrong with the bike so far.

General Comments:

This is the first bike I've owned. What attracted me to this bike is the following

1) Very light compared to other motorcycles

2) Competitively priced.

3) Low seat height.

After having the bike for 8 months, here is what I came to dislike about it.

1) Passenger seat is a joke. It is very uncomfortable

2) It is air cooled. Meaning that in the hot Houston weather, at a a stoplight, I feel that my legs are burning up.

3) I feel that the rear tire lacks enough traction. It happened on a couple of occasions that the rear tire started to skid after hitting the brakes. Maybe I hit the brakes too hard.

4) Performance wise, I'd have expected it to have a better acceleration.

If you ask me, I'd say that 650 classic is more comfortable where the 650 custom looks better.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2009

16th Aug 2011, 11:10

Just wanted to add, I have a 2009 Silverado. 12,000 miles. First bike, I could not keep from stalling bike out at first (operator error), finally learned the rpm/clutch and now have no problems at all. No mechanical problems whatsoever. I ride 60+ miles one way to work, stock seat is very comfortable to me. Beautiful bike. I plan to keep this bike for a long time. Very happy with it.

1st Jan 2017, 14:15

I understand. I bought a 2011 V-Star 650 Custom new in July of 2012. The bike now has 44,028 miles. My V-Star handles great and has a really good suspension. Which are the two things that make it an enjoyable bike to ride in the city or on the highway. I like you ride a good distance to work (50) miles each way on days that it is over 40 degrees and not raining hard. My V-Star 650 Custom is my first bike and I believe that it is a very good selection for a first bike. Good reliable overall bike for a low cost.

2009 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom from United States of America


Best bike I have rode!


Absolutely nothing. I just picked up my new V-Star today at noon. I have not stopped riding it until just now. This is my first street bike that I have owned. And by far of all the bikes I have test driven, this one was the best.

General Comments:

For a 650 this bike has some kick to it. I have no problem keeping up with my step dad's Raider.

It is a very comfortable bike to ride. I am just over six foot and this bike is a perfect fit for me.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2009

30th Jul 2009, 21:28

Hey there man, may I ask how tall you are? I am trying to get a feel for this bike before purchase. Trying to see if any other 6ft 1 in person can tell me how they feel after a good long ride!

5th Aug 2009, 12:04

I am 6'2 and I have no trouble riding this bike.. it rides smooth and has a lot of kick to it.. I have had it up to 100 miles an hour with no problem. Do need 6 gears. I cruise around 60 and travel 120 miles a day.. I never had any problems with it, not like my Harley which I was working on it all the time. Just change plugs, oil and filter and she is ready.. for a 650 it has a lot of pep..