1993 Yamaha V Max from New Zealand




Nothing major.

Blocked fuel filter (replaced it).

Cleaned internals of starter motor. It was cranking over slow, but is fine now.

General Comments:

I wasn't aware of the V-Max until I went looking for a bike to buy (I had been away for bikes for years, and had previously owned British bikes)

I looked at a V-Max for sale, and when the owner started it up, I knew I had to own it! The sound!! :)

I've grown to love this bike, it has real character, and more power than I'll ever need.

It's not ideal for longer rides though, the seat is uncomfortable after 100kms, and the petrol tank is small and it's quite a thirsty beast. But I have been away on several two week trips on it.

The previous owner hadn't used it much, and so initially there were some minor niggles, but once they were sorted and it was serviced, it has been very reliable. Just the odd thing vibrating off.

I really love my v-Max :)

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2011

1993 Yamaha V Max from United States of America


Great muscle bike with cruiser looks


So far, nothing.

General Comments:

Motorcycle is unbelievable in straight line acceleration.

When v-boost comes on-line, you are seriously heading down the road and it pulls like no other bike I have ever owned.

Seat is not very comfortable compared to my Ultra Classic, but then hey, my HD is a totally different kind of bike.

This bike is my daily rider for sheer fun about town. Harley reserved for when the wife wants to come along on long rides.

While seriously capable of those 125 and above speeds, it does get a little squirlie above 115 or so, which is as fast as my spinchter muscle dared to push it.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2008

1993 Yamaha V Max from United States of America


Ferrari F1 fast cruiser bike with a 60's muscle car sound


Nothing has gone wrong with the motorcycle. I bought this bike from my friend who laid it down on the right side after pulling wheelies. Yes, you can do wheelies with this cruiser bike. I would never try it though. I just replaced the air scoops, brake lever and handlebars. Most of all the parts I bought, I got on Ebay very reasonably priced.

It is a very reliable bike. 1200 cc. Just have some nicks in my gas tank cover.

General Comments:

1993 Yamaha Vmax.

1200 cc

Shaft drive is bulletproof

Liquid cooled with electric fan

About 120 rear wheel hp (RHP)

It's a CULT CLASSIC bike.

Everyone knows a V-max when they see it go down the road. The air scoops give it away. The air scoops are made of aluminum - they can be stripped of paint, then highly polished, or even chromed! You can't do that on today's plastic crouch rockets.

Very customizable. Many make specialized parts for this bike. Many parts can be found on eBay.

The ONLY bike out there that sounds like a sixties muscle car with Flowmasters (that is if you change away from the stock exhaust).

The sound is what really bought me. When I bought mine from my friend, he had a Harley Davidson slipon pipes on it. Sounded extremely tough. I since then put on a Hindle exhaust system. Sounds just as good, but a little bassy-ier. Harley riders always glance at me trying to figure out what it is that passed them, or when they hear it.

They've been making this bike for over 25 years and are still making it!!! That says something... Believe me, you have to HEAR this bike - it will pull you in.

The acceleration is flat out amazing. Point it straight and twist, and it's like a Ferrai, but faster.

An R1 (Yamaha) is a faster bike at 1000cc, BUT I will always beat an R1 rider who is inexperienced. That means he can't keep his front tire down and I just crank it. The V-max is much heavier than the R1, and is very comfortable to ride.

It's not a beginners bike, but it is easy to ride. You don't always have to gun it. But you know you will anyways.

Some people put a supercharger on theirs as well (crazy). My Yamaha mechanic did that to his.

All in all - a great bike. A CULT classic. Passengers love it as well.


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Review Date: 29th August, 2006

11th Mar 2007, 18:51

I just got my VMAX (1999) and the scoops have what I believe are spots of oxidation or clearcost defects. I want to "strip them and polish them. Any ideas on what to use to do both and bring them to a chrome finish shine?

1993 Yamaha V Max from Spain


Amazing Acceleration


Battery died a month after I bought the bike. Carbs needed cleaning at the same time - only normal I guess for a very original bike.

My Yamaha service centre installed a new battery, new fuel filter, and then stripped the carbs, cleaned them and then rebuilt them with new jets etc. and removed the 100bhp limiter. It now has approx 125bhp (so the Yamaha mechanic says!). I think it now has a real 100bhp at the rear wheel.

General Comments:

Very fast accelerating bike with reasonable handling considering its weight, low foot pegs and exhaust.

I highly recommend this bike, its my second bike (first was a ZZR-250) and it is very easy to ride. I've gone from 34bhp to 125bhp in one step and haven't had any problems or falls, drops etc.

Only inconvenience is the small fuel tank, which limits my antics to 130km between fuel stops... yes, I do like accelerating full throttle all the time.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

8th Mar 2008, 17:30

It is my understanding that the VMax has 145hp at the rear wheel. The Honda Saber V65 has 121-122 hp rear wheel.

4th Sep 2008, 02:01

Hi, I'm looking at buying a V Max 1988. Just wanted to know what kind of price I should be paying and what to look out for???

Please, any help would be great.

Thank you, Sam... :-)

19th Apr 2013, 00:48

Probably around 3500.

7th Jul 2020, 22:43

I got one dynoed last month (has pipes on it). I got 125hp at the wheel, 145 at the crank.