1998 Yamaha XJ600 from United Kingdom


Loved it


Yamaha XJ600N - naked Diversion.

None. The bike had perfect reliability.

General Comments:

Yamaha XJ600N - naked Diversion.

The previous owner was a Police Motorcycle Instructor. He obviously cherished it. When I bought it at two years old, it was immaculate, and I made it my challenge to keep it that way.

Performance wise - it was not lightening fast - but quick enough for me. Two up, it would feel the extra weight, but my wife is small.

Brakes, suspension and handling were perfectly adequate for a bike of this calibre and cost.

I only sold it as I was emigrating, otherwise I would have held on to it - forever.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2006

10th Apr 2006, 16:18

I owned a 1993 Yamaha 600 'Diversion' (faired) for three years. I agree with the previous comments, except that rust was an ever-present threat, requiring much 'TLC'. This did not prevent the exhaust rotting through at the collecter after the first year. I replaced it with a Motad 'Nexus', and thereafter I can say that the 'Divvy' was a lovely bike, and suited my 12 mile commute and weekend jaunts admirably.

I later bought an MZ Skorpion and ran both these bikes for a year, only deciding to sell the 'Divvy' after much deliberation, being the older of the two.

20th Apr 2006, 08:10

I owned a 1996 XJ600 (diversion model) for two years from new.

The power delivery is smooth and the handling is reasonable, but not great. It's quite a heavy bike, but can be lifted up with a bit of effort if you drop it (as I did 3 times!). The 8 valve, 4 cylinder, 4 carb engine is reliable and puts out about 50 bhp, and the bike is not over complex mechanically.

The brakes are adequate, but not good for emergency stops.

Ask yourself what you want from a bike first though.

The XJ600 is a reliable workhorse, but there are better bikes available for similar money.

16th Jan 2007, 19:20

I just purchased a 1997 98 XJ600. I don't know much about it or what it's worth. Was $1500 too high?..

19th Feb 2007, 14:04

I have found my XJ 600N very reliable in all weathers, and although it may not be the most exciting bike I have ever ridden, I can't fault a bike that looks pretty good and has never let me down. It's a good basic bike with no frills.

6th Aug 2007, 18:59

I bought one two years ago (1996 model). It's been a great bike, and as the others have said, not too powerful, but great for commuting and weekend trips.

My exhaust is still there, but does not look too healthy. Always starts and stops when I want it to, and is comfy; carries two and a bit of gear... enough for me right now.

1992 Yamaha XJ600 from Canada


Best older rocket around (rare)


Only upkeep.

Rear brake, rear tire, chain/sprockets kit, oil/filter changes, air filter.

Oh yeah, the light lighting the tach is out, but the light for the speedo serves enough to make do.

The 'reserve' switch no longer works to use reserve fuel when the main tank runs dry (no gauge on the bike). If you run out, you're really out. Highway trips need the reserve more, but you can see the fuel level through the filler hole, and you can easily predict what range the bike will get, even with varied driving style. EG - full throttle doing 180-200 km/h or 113-125 miles/h, you get about 10 liters/100km (double consumption of many econo cars). Driving easy around 90-100 km/h or 55-60 miles/h, you get about 8 liters/100km, and less fun. But in town, oh in town driving easy you can get as low as 5 liters/100km.

Bikes get worse mileage on the highway due to the nature of their high rpm motors. At 100km/h or 60m/h my bike revs 5500 rpm in sixth gear, but in town revs never get over 3000 or 4000.

LAST thing - the manual says regular fuel is OK, but I've found a large gain in mileage, power and smoothness with premium 91 octane fuel (those of you with access to a Chevron station, use their 94 octane).

Almost 2005 now, bought used in 1999 almost mint. Still sharp, no lay downs or dumps in 6 years!

General Comments:

A hard to find gem of a used bike. Casual sport purpose with the engine technology of race bikes - 600cc 16 valve aluminum motor, dual overhead cams, full alloy headers, dual exhaust, quad brand name carbs (one for each cylinder), multi disc wet clutch, vented hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, 7 position adjustable rear suspension, 6 speed gearbox, 17 liter tank. 430 lbs weight!

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Review Date: 30th November, 2004