1981 Yamaha XJ750D from United Kingdom


A dated also ran, with and without charm


Plagued by crap electrics, weak charging, and poor carburation at low engine speeds, making this bike a pig at starting from cold.

Vibration is bad, around 6500, as no balancers are fitted to the bike. It is under powered, agricultural even for its day, and has a 35 Watt headlamp for lighting, along with a points ignition.

General Comments:

It's a cheap hack that only a true hands on type person should take on.

Replacing the regulator and rectifier with a combined solid state type, will free up 3 Amps and allow improved charging at lower RPM.

Checking the valves for clearance and timing are also important.

Cleaning the carbs and fitting new inlet manifold rubbers all help general running, as does a carb balance.

Fit a good quality battery, and if you're brave, replace the wiring from the battery to the ignition switch, and back to the fuse box. This improves sparks by some 10%, as there is less voltage drop.

A comfortable bike, apart from vibration. Very dated now, poor brakes, heavy clutch, and very little power. But it will push over 80 MPG, and with a tank range of close on 300 miles, this makes the bike a cheap hack.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2012

8th Mar 2013, 02:12

Totally disagree with these comments. My bike started first time every time, and had no problems whatsoever in 15000km. Lovely to ride, well balanced, very forgiving.

Minor 4 cylinder vibration typical of all 4 cylinder bikes. Great overtaking power at highway speeds for a 750. Nice smooth power delivery. Nice low seating position allows you to throw the bike around.

If you can find a good one, I highly recommend this as a very enjoyable, fun, and forgiving bike.

4th Sep 2017, 19:07

Hi, looking at an XJ750D soon. Points to watch out for, as what to walk away from on this model would be great thanks.

1993 Yamaha XJ750D from New Zealand





General Comments:

Vary rare Japanese home model, fuel injected 750 based on the 650L turbo fairing and chassis.

Low seat, well balanced, economical, very comfortable upright riding position, very smooth, fully faired.

Weak brakes and not overly powerful, but the power is smooth and well into the torque curve at highway speeds of 100-120Km/hr.

Really cool digital dash.

Design styling is probably one of the ugliest bikes ever made.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2008