18th Jul 2011, 02:11

A very informative and intelligent review of a bike that is fast becoming a classic. I bought a stock 77 2D 6 weeks ago for £750 and I love it! Never had anything like it before, I have always ridden motorcross and trials bikes etc. Saw this 2D on Ebay and liked the look of it, so I bought it. Can't recommend this model enough, if you are interested in blasts around the countryside on sunny days, then this is the bike for you.

2nd Aug 2012, 01:48

I own an early model XS750 Special (XS750SE) with the 18 inch rear wheel. I like the comparison to Japanese girls, although, like the XS750, those kind of young women are harder to find today (I'm Japanese and live in Japan).

I commute on my XS everyday, and people tell me it's crazy to commute on a 30 something year old bike, but as referred to in the review, she's really reliable; no starting problems, no breakdowns, no nothing. I had to swap the engine once because I had problems with the 2nd gear, which seems to be a common problem with the bike, but other than that, she is rock solid.

30th Dec 2014, 20:58

Just read my comments from 2011, wow how long ago was that! So to update you, the bike is now standing up, wheels on it, which had new tyres, and also had the front forks rebuilt and bought new rear shocks.

It's slow process, but getting there. My new year's resolution? To speed up the rebuild and crack on with it. Also going to replace the very good condition XS850 fuel tank with an original 750 tank, frame is from a 2D; if you read my previous article, you'll see I bought an XS850.

What slowed things down was three years ago I bought a very nice FJ1200 ABS model. Rides fantastic and does have a unique character, but I've had my fun and want to have some with the XS750.

Also prices of the old triple appear to be going up on eBay? Might it have anything to do with Yamaha's new triple?

Ride safe.