9th Apr 2011, 19:01

Almost all bikes have that shifting problem at a stop. Nothing to worry about.

28th Sep 2017, 03:18

I've had 2 of the Hyosung GT650R. I've had a GSXR 1000 and Katana 750, and also own a Suzuki 1300, which nothing compares to. But this little 650, I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 200 pounds, and have not had a minute's trouble.

I got mine in 05; it had roughly 1000 miles on it. I had the sluggish problem as well, and read up on the manufacturer's guidelines. I changed the oil to 10-40 and run nothing but 93 octane, and occasionally throw a can of octane boost in for a couple bucks, and the problems went away.

I have a Harley Ultra Classic as well and log in at least 40,000 miles a year between my bikes, and I enjoy riding this one the most; it has great response and is just fun to ride.

I also have a son (17) who learned to ride on this bike and is now on a Kawasaki 1400, which is an awesome bike, and now my 15 year old daughter is learning on it.

It now has 32000 miles on it since 05, and other than minor repairs such as a clutch and some small things, they are like any bike; you take care of it and do regular maintenance and it will last as well as any.

You can buy a bad bike of any make; as long as you take care of your ride, it will take care of you. So to all you nay-sayers, it's because you are pounding the s**t out of it and not taking care. For the right price I would buy another anytime. I've had mine 11 years; been through a wife who never rode with me, and two kids, and would ride it from NC to California tomorrow.

If anyone close has one they don't like, reasonably priced, get with me, I'm interested 704-253-9019