27th Mar 2011, 04:08

I have just today purchased a Honda CM250C belt drive 1985. In pretty good condition, and hasn't been ridden for over 10 years, as the owner had eye issues that left him blind in one eye. Known him all my life, and he looked after it well.

4th Jul 2011, 15:23

Well my CM250C says it is an 1984, and the VIN shows 1984, so I guess Honda made one.

12th Aug 2017, 12:55

Honda did make a 1984 CR250c. I have a belt driven one. I thought that the belt driven was only produced in 1983. I called Honda to verify that my bike was made in 1983 or 1984. My registration said 1984 and so did the serial number and writing on the cycle. Honda said they did make a belt driven 1984. So to answer your question, yes Honda produced a 1984 and you could get it in a belt driven as well as a chain driven.