25th Apr 2014, 12:18

Speed limits around here are 70 mph, traffic flows at 75-80mph.

8th Sep 2015, 06:41

So I started on a 250cc and she maxed out at around 65, which was OK when I was going in about a one mile triangle from home-work-school, but if I wanted to go ANYWHERE else, I would have to be really careful. At 65-70 mph, if everyone else is cruising at that speed and you need to speed up to pass them for safety reasons (maybe they don't have everything secured or they're not paying attention), you essentially can't and it's very dangerous. Had it happen before and almost got ran over.

14th May 2018, 02:22

Sometimes though on the thruway you are competing with the flow of traffic, and the ability to accelerate out of a tight situation is crucial, especially in higher traffic. You are at more risk if you are just barely keeping up on two wheels.