29th May 2020, 16:07

My 1982 GK also has gas mileage comparable to my 1982 GS 750T or my 850G. On my most recent ride, yesterday, I went about 125 miles and it got 51 miles per gallon on a ride that was out through the hills at varying speeds.

18th Oct 2020, 10:12

No new body parts are available to purchase for this bike, but you can still get parts off of ebay. The gas mileage wasn't always this good, but has gradually increased as the motor continued to be broke in. I also noticed that it's running cooler. 50+ mpg is average on the highway with it averaging between 40-43 around town. The only problem I'm having now is being able to get it in for maintenance that I can't do myself. I'm on a waiting list with the only mechanic around and it has been a couple of months so far without a call. The bike is comfortable for a passenger and it doesn't struggle with the extra weight. This is a good basic touring bike that won't break the bank to own.