1997 Ducati ST2


Good all rounder


Not a lot, as per previous reviews, but the starter motor is painfully slow. Had a new battery fitted, but the problem remained; must embody the mod to leads.

Rear wheel bushes also needed to be replaced, but for a bike that's is nearly 20 years old, I have had no major problems.

General Comments:

This bike is fun and a pleasure to ride; not as forgiving as my CBF1000, but when you get it right, it's very rewarding. Riding a Ducati requires a bit of thought and more concentration than Japanese multi's, but for me it's a more interesting ride.

Not a motorcycle that likes to be driven at 30mph, but out in the country, it does all I want from a bike!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2015

1998 Ducati ST2


Different, loads of character and it's a Ducati


Oil seals on front forks.

Starter motor.


Flat battery.

General Comments:

Old school, a bit rough at low speeds, not really a town bike, it loves country roads and motorways, just enough BHP.

Good tank range (200 miles), comfortable and cheap to purchase. Build quality isn't that good, although the engine is sound, but the electrics are rubbish.

Loads of character from the L twin 2 valve motor. Better than the boring Japanese 4s; all Ducatis need a little more care and maintenance, but it's worth it. There is something about the old Ducati ST2 that makes you keep it and still moan about it when it breaks down. The old Ducatis are easy bikes to work on once the fairing is removed, and I have done most of the repairs myself.

Handles really well once set-up right; I have done a 400 mile trip in one day, only stopping for petrol. I keep thinking about selling the bike, but for the money that it cost me, I think I will run it into the ground, and in the meantime save up my money for a brand new BMW GT800.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2015

2001 Ducati ST2


Superb mile-munching Italian lovely


Rear brake light stopped working - caused by the connector between the brake light switch and the loom getting filled with water. This was fixed in 5 minutes by cleaning the connectors. The reason water got in is the connector is exposed to the elements.

General Comments:

I bought this bike because I wanted something I could blast through corners on, tour and commute on and I wanted a shiny red Ducati in my garage - this bike does it all!

I've ridden it 400 miles in one go on back roads stopping only for fuel - once! Yep it has a 200 mile tank range. Over that distance it was quiet, comfortable and fast, cruising as fast I dare without getting banned. Two up and with the panniers absolutely full and a tank bag fitted, the wife and I did 350 miles in one go no problem. Both of us we comfy and the bike still averaged 53 mpg! We did the Isle of Man TT course on it: the bike was great the wife was scared...

My Ducati ownership has only included 1 major service, Ducati did the belts and valve clearances I did the rest. Total parts and labour £300. Aside from that ownership has been key in, add fuel, ride. The clutch rattles loudly, but hey, it is a Ducati, right?!

My only criticism is that the acceleration is pretty average (only 74 BHP at the back wheel) and to hustle you have to put major input through the 'bars. But it is a sports-tourer not full-on sports bike. Chains and tyres last for ages though!

My advice; buy a really nice one with full Ducati service history, or at least proof it has been serviced at the scheduled intervals with genuine parts and just enjoy it. These bikes are really, really cheap, now so no need to buy a rough one.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2009

11th Mar 2010, 15:34

Back again, nothing to report except the oil seal behind the clutch basket has started leaking at 13,000 miles, which means expense! Conveniently there is hole in the bottom of the clutch cover, presumably they assumed it would leak at some stage! Still a great bike, starts every time on the button and gives no trouble. The tyres have been replaced with a more triangular profile Dunlop, which has made it feel more willing to turn-in than before.