1993 Honda CB1000


Big, grunty, refined bike for 'blokes'


Replaced camchain, (common fault on all CB1000's and CBR1000f's) because of tinkling!

General Comments:

Generally avoided the CB1000 'big one' because of negative reviews... only bought it because the TT600 tried to kill me and I wanted something a bit more sensible. What I have ended up with is a rare, quality machine, totally misunderstood, and probably the most comfortable, most reliable machine I have ever ridden in 30 years.

The roll on surge is gorgeous, the torque is lovely and fat, and the handling is unbelievable for a machine this size! If I had to be shallow and compare it, it's like an FJ1200 that handles!

Well behaved at any speed, and looks good even standing still.

It's absolutely massive, and attracts attention wherever I go. It's no Bandit 12; thankfully it's rarer, and capable of doing anything on it.

The addition of a flyscreen helps.

The camchain is definitely an issue on this machine; high milers will clatter, nothing serious, but don't leave it long...

Centre stands are usually removed...

Original Honda downpipes with collector box is best as double skinned, check fork seals.

Best tyres are Metzelers or Avons, as these have 18" rims so can be hard to match tyres.

Always fit engine bars as cases are extremely expensive.

The riding position is superb; you can literally ride all day on this bike; believe me I have! And I know all about the comfort issues as I have had spinal fractures, and sportsbikes bother me now; I can't ride'em, but this machine is great for my back!

The major issue is if you are looking for a machine to 'trick', then buy the Bandit or XJR as custom parts are rare and most are tasteless for this machine. The twin Bates look rubbish also, and aren't bright enough to be visible to other road users.

Best advice would be to invest in quality paint as the tank is massive and the fuel range is still pretty good, and I have stretched nearly 150-200 miles on a tank. You do need to be quite long legged because the machine is so wide!

Totally recommend it! It is definitely not a CBR1000f, which it shares its motor with. You can add the CBR cams to gain the performance, however you may as well buy the CBR instead as you will be missing out on this bikes forte, which is the torque on B roads and twisties.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2007

14th Jan 2008, 18:56

Just wanted to thank the author of this review for taking the time to write it. I may be acquiring a '94 CB1000 as my first ride soon.


David/Los Angeles.

14th Jun 2008, 13:47

I agree with what the person said about the Honda CB1000 Bigone, as I've already owned a 1993 CB1000 Bigone for about the last two years, and I'm very happy with it.

The comfort is very good, as I have done 1000 miles in 24hrs on it. I got it with about 18000 kilometers on the clock.