1989 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast


Civilized motorcycling


I bought the PC800 for touring and traveled 800 miles round trip to get it, rode 400 miles back and found it very comfortable and smooth.

The tank range is only 100 miles.

The standard screen directs wind into your face,

the engine ran happiest at 60 mph; this is no road rocket, but purred all day and didn't use any oil or water.

On close inspection I found the head race bearings needed replacement and a more serious problem which was..

The rear swing arm rusted through.

These bikes need the correct tyres and Honda recommend Dunlop k555 tyres, which do make a difference.

An aftermarket high screen is a vast improvement,

hydraulic valves, shaft drive, CBR front brakes, drum rear.

The PC is a comfortable mild mannered, gentleman's ride.

General Comments:

Encased in plastic this bike offers exceptional weather protection. However, pay close attention to the frame which can get neglected.

The inbuilt rear panniers or trunk is very useful,

but make the bike look like a maxi scooter from the rear.

The ride is very smooth and the engine will pull to 100mph if that's your thing, but I select chill mode, sit back and arrive at my destination without feeling tired or irritable.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2009

7th May 2010, 13:40

The PC800 has a 4.2 U.S. gallon tank, and when ridden sanely will attain between 40 and 46 miles per gallon. Thus, you should get between 150 and 180 miles down the road before needing to fill up. 200 if your nerves are steely. However, one of the things owners learn (hopefully early) is that the gas gauge is very misleading. In its factory arrangement, it will indicate empty when there is still a tad less than 2 gallons remaining. The tank float can be easily adjusted (visit the Internet Pacific Coast Riders Club for details) to read more accurately. For a comprehensive review, see http://race-the-sunset.blogspot.com/2006/11/honda-pacific-coast.html