1987 Honda XBR500


Fun, cheap, reliable and capable



General Comments:

This is my third one. I have been riding bikes for 40 years and I have just purchased another one. Always fun to ride, effortless roll on of power delivery, predictable handling, massive tank range; 200 miles easy.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2017

1986 Honda XBR500


A cheap, fun, 80s classic that's rewarding to own and ride. Great little bike :-)


Silencers were pretty shot when I bought the bike, so fitted a 2>1 Predator stainless system.

Side panels re-sprayed, otherwise a smart bike.

Recently failed it M.O.T. on the rear brake - wheel spun up on a lathe and lightly skimmed the hub braking surface, new shoes fitted, and passed its re-test.

General Comments:

A fairly simple 500 thumper that is great fun to ride on sunny Sunday mornings. Long journeys are probably not that comfortable, and with stock bars and mirrors, the rear view is hopeless.

The bike has much charm and character - I'll not be parting company with it in the foreseeable future...

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Review Date: 4th April, 2015

1988 Honda XBR500


Brilliant, reliable, excellent bike


The only thing that has ever went wrong with this bike, is when I first bought it and had to have the rear brake drum re-lined.

General Comments:

This is the best bike I have ever had. Would not and will not part with it. She goes where you want her too, and does everything you ask.

I prefer this to my Triumph Trophy and my Honda VTR1000.

If you want reliability, fun and good handling, this is the bike. Just remember the brakes are not up to modern day standards... however the engine braking compensates for this.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2012

1985 Honda XBR500


Buy one before the classic bike nuts discover just how good it is



General Comments:

After having to sell my Triumph Trident due to hip problems last year, I was looking for a fun light weight bike to use at weekends and trips to work.

I found this XBR in a small bike garage in Exmouth. I paid £650 for it with 12 month MOT. The bike was tidy but needed a good clean.

I can really recommend these bikes, as I don't think I've had so much fun on any bike I've ever owned, and I have had 15.

It can run rings around larger and newer bikes on A & B roads; just keep the revs up and your knee down.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

23rd Dec 2009, 06:59

XBR a classic? Surely not one of those huckery looking things with the comstar wheels and odd styling.

Why even bother when there are GB 500's out there?

4th Apr 2015, 21:53

Don't underestimate the XBR500 my friend; yes the GB500 will likely be more sought after, but that doesn't mean the XBR won't become a classic bike.

Look at any classic bike dealer and you'll see all manner of turnips rated as classic! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder; it may not be pretty to you, but I love the old thumper...

I agree with the original post, tuck one of these away now while they are cheap as chips :-)

22nd Jun 2015, 09:27

Not all had the lighter comstars. I'm lucky, I got both.

29th Aug 2016, 09:16

That's right, keep on talking, that way the prices will remain nice and affordable.

1987 Honda XBR500


This bike is the best!!!



General Comments:

This is the best bike I have owned. Fantastic engine sound from the big single.

Some body bits are getting harder to find. Engine parts OK.

Bike handles well and is cheap to run. Would never part with it as I would probably miss the reliability and fun.

Rock on XBR500!!!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2008

9th Aug 2009, 16:03

I agree with reliability except for the front brake. Has yours ever seized so that it rubs the disk all the time?

6th Sep 2009, 08:53

Bought an 85 XBR 500 early this year, the smile has not left my face since.

Reliable, easy to ride and fuel efficient - will go from one side of Ireland to the other on 1 tank of gas.

Real head turner - sound, looks, the big single with the 2 exhausts.

Easy to maintain, what more can I say... got to go for a drive up the mountains.

18th Dec 2009, 15:53

I also bought one as a winter hack. Nothing has gone wrong with it, although it is 22 years old. I am so impressed I have had the frame blasted and powder coated, and hope to keep it going for many years to come.

3rd Apr 2010, 14:47

I also agree. I have two of these bikes. The first one I ran for 15 years with no problems. Due to age and daily use it looks a bit tatty in places.

I then purchased a mint one last year with only 29k on the clock. These are truly excellent bikes and are cheap to run and fantastic to ride. Honda know how to build motorcycles!

Rock on XBR500.