2002 Hyosung Cruise II


The best 125 you can own


I have had this bike since 2005, and my brother had it since 2002, and not one thing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This motorcycle is the best 125 that anybody can have.

It looks good, and can be mistaken for a 400cc

It handles good.

Nothing has gone wrong with it.

It's just a brilliant bike.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2006

20th Jan 2008, 20:05

I bought a CRUISE II recently. This is the first cruiser that I owned. After 6 years of staying off motorcycle, I finally own a cruiser, and I only use it on weekend.

This cruiser is really a cool bike. Easily mistaken for bigger CC bike. The sound is a bit too soft, it does not have the deep loud noise of a cruiser. Maybe I will modify the exhaust pipe.

I relocate the turn light, so I can fit in a saddle bag, which I think is the most brilliant face lift you can give this bike. Instantly that bike becomes much larger! hehe.

I am also thinking on adding a windscreen. Not sure about this, I am having doubt on the overall look.

Performance wise.. the top speed I did with this bike is 120KM/h.

Overall, I think this is a great bike. :)

2002 Hyosung Cruise II


Value for money without a shadow of a doubt


Keeps cutting out.

Feels generally "wobbly" on corners. Can't seem to find the problem.

General Comments:

Excellent value for money bike.

Not exceptionally quick (55 tops), but good torque from 4 valves.

Looks good and nearly always get looked at.

Looks bigger than it is (it's a 125).

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

3rd Mar 2006, 15:21

I have the same Hyosung Cruise and mine was wobbly on bends, so I lowered the rear suspention and it sorted the problem.

13th Jun 2006, 15:09

I have a Cruise 2, which is fantastic in every way, other than it cuts out a lot in 1st gear and on tick over. I have adjusted the engine speed and serviced the bike. Does anybody have any ideas please?