2004 Suzuki GSX1400


Big, mean, tough, powerful, impressive


Regulator rectifier failed at 27,000 miles

General Comments:

I love this bike. I love the retro looks - mine is blue and white, I love that it looks massive and heavy, I love the twin silencers that sweep up on either side. When I climb aboard, it feels big and solid, I feel I'm sitting in the bike rather than on it, the riding position is beautiful and I love the deep burble from both exhausts when I fire up the 1400cc lump.

It pulls away effortlessly - even in second or third gear, clicks smoothly through the gearbox, and above 40mph you can't hear the engine or exhaust, all you get is wind rush and it feels like I'm sitting on a turbine unleashing unlimited amounts of torque and power.

Riding through town it turns heads from admiring envious onlookers, and once on the open road I know I can overtake anything in front of me.

When I bought this bike I knew I wanted a 70s style retro. My previous bike was a Kawasaki 750 Zephyr; great bike, but the engine was too small. I'd decided it was either the GSX or a Yamaha XJR 1300. It was a close thing, but the GSX got the nod due to the slightly bigger engine, six gears, and to my eye the GSX looked bigger and tougher.

Unlike most owners who modify their 14s, I reckon Suzuki did a superb styling job so I've kept mine standard apart from an oil cooler cover, front fender extender and rear hugger. It never gets ridden in bad weather, and gleams like a showroom model.

Yeah... I love this bike. Just wish the weather in this country was more bike friendly.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2013

2004 Suzuki GSX1400


The best motorcycle I have ever owned!


Nothing yet, though just about to change the rear tyre if that counts.

General Comments:

After an 8-year break from biking, during which time the trivialities of home-ownership and kids coming along meant that I had no spare cash, I decided last spring that the time had come to get back into it. My last bike was a ZZR1100, so I was used to big sports tourers and wanted similar. My local second-hand motorcycle emporium had a wide range of suitable candidates, but immediately it was the GSX14 that caught my eye. I test rode 3 bikes, but made the mistake of taking the 14 out first - within 100 metres of setting off, the others never stood a chance!

Yes, it's a beast... but it's very tameable. It has more power than any bike I've previously ridden, but the beauty is that it's incredibly responsive, yet controllable.

Handling is surprisingly good for such a big (dare I say clumsy-looking?!) bike. I've scraped the pegs a few times, and it always felt that there were easily a few more degrees to go.

My only gripe is that the rear brake does virtually nothing. However, the intention is to add some braided hoses in the very near future - from speaking to fellow owners, this will make all the difference.

My wife tells me that the pillion seat is excellent. Very comfortable and a good seating position, which means she's not fidgeting or asking to stop after 30 minutes. I've even taken my 7-year old daughter out a few times :-)

In the past I've usually changed my bike once a year, but that is absolutely not the case here - I'll keep hold of this bike until it no longer works... and then I'm gonna track down another!!!

For someone wanting to combine power, comfort, reliability and looks into one bike, then look no further.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2013

2005 Suzuki GSX1400


I will keep this for the rest of my life as it is that good


Ignition immobiliser replaced by dealer free of charge on recall by Suzuki, but it had not actually gone wrong.

No other faults.

General Comments:

For road use this is an amazing motorcycle. If you want to be doing track days and pretending to be a racer on the road, hopefully you are not that stupid, it would be the wrong bike for you.

This needs a nose cowl or fairing of some sort to make the high cruising speeds relaxing, and to finish off the comfort that the rest of the bike is set up to give. My regular pillion passenger reports that the seat is very comfortable, and I personally have no problems in the saddle for 2 hours plus.

Brisk legal riding will give 50 miles to a gallon.

I am just about to change the back tyre for the third time, so just over 5000 miles and double that for a front seems to be what's happening.

My Suzuki dealer is simply faultless.

It is heavy and so must be treated with respect in the bends, but with the suspension set correctly, and stock settings are way too soft, it is balanced and handles very neutrally with no vices.

Some parts corrode easily in the winter salt, but no worse than any other Japanese machine does.

The drive chain and sprockets are regularly lubricated with chain wax, and are the originals, so have done 15000 miles and look as if they may well do the same again.

It has just had a major service including a valve shim check - no adjustment was required. Fantastic engine, lightly stressed equals low wear.

Finally. It is a real motorcycle, not a highly tuned plastic clad pretend racer. I am not against race reps, although the irresponsibility of some of their owners does concern me, however for road use this is so much better - and yes I have had sports bikes.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2008

2007 Suzuki GSX1400


A relaxed and lazy ride, but also a capable hooligan!


Mechanically, it hasn't missed a beat so far.

The paintwork is not bad, but could be better. A typical Suzuki then...

General Comments:

The engine is an absolute gem. Mildly tuned with loads of cubes adds up to an astonishing amount of torque. That said, I'm not sure why it needs a 6 speed box!

The seat is extremely comfortable, and you could sit in it for days at a time, but being an unfaired bike, there is a fair amount wind force on the upper body to deal with at high speeds.

Handling? Well, I think it's pretty good (for its size/weight). You are always aware of the 220 odd kilos, but it is still capable of getting the pegs down and is very stable in fast sweepers.

For someone like me, who can only justify one bike, it is a great all rounder.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2008