2008 Suzuki GSX1400 from Australia


Owned many bikes, and this 1400 is the best by far



General Comments:

This is a motorcycle that embodies the essence of what motorcycling was meant to be.

A big, heavy, mean looking naked with a massive powertrain with 6 gears (why bother changing, as the torque factor makes changing gears an afterthought).

A bike that is equally at home being ridden short distances around town, or on extended tours of the country.

The engine and gearbox are virtually bulletproof. I sold my original 14 and bought a Harley, It wasn't long before I sold the Harley and bought another 14, as I found I missed the excitement of riding such an awesome machine. Will always own one.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2013

2004 Suzuki GSX1400 from United Kingdom


The best motorcycle I have ever owned!


Nothing yet, though just about to change the rear tyre if that counts.

General Comments:

After an 8-year break from biking, during which time the trivialities of home-ownership and kids coming along meant that I had no spare cash, I decided last spring that the time had come to get back into it. My last bike was a ZZR1100, so I was used to big sports tourers and wanted similar. My local second-hand motorcycle emporium had a wide range of suitable candidates, but immediately it was the GSX14 that caught my eye. I test rode 3 bikes, but made the mistake of taking the 14 out first - within 100 metres of setting off, the others never stood a chance!

Yes, it's a beast... but it's very tameable. It has more power than any bike I've previously ridden, but the beauty is that it's incredibly responsive, yet controllable.

Handling is surprisingly good for such a big (dare I say clumsy-looking?!) bike. I've scraped the pegs a few times, and it always felt that there were easily a few more degrees to go.

My only gripe is that the rear brake does virtually nothing. However, the intention is to add some braided hoses in the very near future - from speaking to fellow owners, this will make all the difference.

My wife tells me that the pillion seat is excellent. Very comfortable and a good seating position, which means she's not fidgeting or asking to stop after 30 minutes. I've even taken my 7-year old daughter out a few times :-)

In the past I've usually changed my bike once a year, but that is absolutely not the case here - I'll keep hold of this bike until it no longer works... and then I'm gonna track down another!!!

For someone wanting to combine power, comfort, reliability and looks into one bike, then look no further.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2013

12th Mar 2015, 08:15

I totally agree... I've owned over 25 motorcycles in my life and I am nearing fifty years of age, and the 14 is the best by far. It's such a joy to ride, and always leaves a smile on my face when I get back... It's a bike that should be experienced by every rider at least once in their lifetime!!!

2006 Suzuki GSX1400 from New Zealand


Brilliant, amazing, superb, can't find something better, and I've tried heaps


Nothing has gone wrong with this motorbike. I actually like the bike so much that this is my second GSX1400!!

General Comments:

Out of the box, the suspension needs proper setting up, as on it's standard settings, it wallows like a whale in high speed sweepers. Once the standard suspenders have been tweaked properly, you do not need aftermarket suspension as the standard units are superb.

These bike will stay ahead of just about anything when pushed through the twisties, and if you're not a heavy sausage, will nudge 260kmh when everything is tucked in and you are wearing tight leathers (indicated if course).

A great all rounder and super comfy. Great for touring, two up work or going hard all day long. I've managed 1200kms in 13 hours on torturous roads, and could have done it all again.

There's not too many bikes around that will let you ride like a hooligan or just cruise in comfort all day long. When you drop a gear, you better be hanging on.

For a 228kg (dry) bike, they handle like a dream. Ground clearance is not an issue if you use upper body weight when cornering, and get your shoulder down.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010