2003 Suzuki GSX1400 from Australia


Great reliable motorbike


Rear wheel bearings at 70k.

General Comments:

Best all round bike I have owned over the past 38 years.

Engine is bullet proof (oil changed every 5K) and extremely torquey - still no rattles or clunks, and it does not use any oil between changes.

The bike is thirsty if ridden hard, but economical if ridden responsibly.

Have added a small fairing to reduce buffeting, but have found that the seat becomes very uncomfortable after about 2 hours - simple to fix. Buy a seat pad and wear a kidney belt and do a thousand ks in a day. Would buy another one, but with servicing, I think this bike will see me out.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2014

20th May 2017, 23:12

Hello, I have owned my GSX 1400 for 10 years and purchased it with 38k on the speedo. It has just turned 100k and apart from routine maintenance, have only replaced the rear wheel bearings at 70k and head stem bearings at 90k. I have the disease associated with motorcycles (ex Highway Patrolman) and also have a Gen 2 Hayabusa, a GTR 1400 and a Harley Street Bob Special. The most fun? The GSX 1400. It handles well (considering the size and bulk), has ample power, reasonable fuel consumption and is extremely comfortable (replaced stock seat with a Top Sellerie touring seat). My wife and I tour interstate twice a year on the GSX, and am more than pleased with the reliability. The machine does not use oil between changes (5k) and there are no rattles or clunks from the motor. What a shame Suzuki ceased production - has been the most reliable motorcycle I have owned over a 40 year period and I have no hesitation in recommending the purchase of this motorcycle.

2004 Suzuki GSX1400 from United Kingdom


Big, mean, tough, powerful, impressive


Regulator rectifier failed at 27,000 miles

General Comments:

I love this bike. I love the retro looks - mine is blue and white, I love that it looks massive and heavy, I love the twin silencers that sweep up on either side. When I climb aboard, it feels big and solid, I feel I'm sitting in the bike rather than on it, the riding position is beautiful and I love the deep burble from both exhausts when I fire up the 1400cc lump.

It pulls away effortlessly - even in second or third gear, clicks smoothly through the gearbox, and above 40mph you can't hear the engine or exhaust, all you get is wind rush and it feels like I'm sitting on a turbine unleashing unlimited amounts of torque and power.

Riding through town it turns heads from admiring envious onlookers, and once on the open road I know I can overtake anything in front of me.

When I bought this bike I knew I wanted a 70s style retro. My previous bike was a Kawasaki 750 Zephyr; great bike, but the engine was too small. I'd decided it was either the GSX or a Yamaha XJR 1300. It was a close thing, but the GSX got the nod due to the slightly bigger engine, six gears, and to my eye the GSX looked bigger and tougher.

Unlike most owners who modify their 14s, I reckon Suzuki did a superb styling job so I've kept mine standard apart from an oil cooler cover, front fender extender and rear hugger. It never gets ridden in bad weather, and gleams like a showroom model.

Yeah... I love this bike. Just wish the weather in this country was more bike friendly.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2013

2008 Suzuki GSX1400 from Australia


Owned many bikes, and this 1400 is the best by far



General Comments:

This is a motorcycle that embodies the essence of what motorcycling was meant to be.

A big, heavy, mean looking naked with a massive powertrain with 6 gears (why bother changing, as the torque factor makes changing gears an afterthought).

A bike that is equally at home being ridden short distances around town, or on extended tours of the country.

The engine and gearbox are virtually bulletproof. I sold my original 14 and bought a Harley, It wasn't long before I sold the Harley and bought another 14, as I found I missed the excitement of riding such an awesome machine. Will always own one.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2013