2007 Suzuki GSX1400 from United Kingdom


Best all round bike I've had, and I've had a few


Nothing has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

Lots of low down power (grunt); no need to rev this engine; 4200 RPM is over a hundred miles an hour and the bike will pull away from idle in top.

Handling is OK, though requires a bit of rider input.

Although it will easily do 140mph, this is kind of irrelevant for a naked bike; this isn't a track bike, but possibly one of the best all round bikes ever.

Negatives? It's a fairly heavy and large bike, so this may not suit smaller riders. Back brake could be a bit better.

Positives: Engine is fantastic, range good too, well over 200 miles to a tank if not riding like a lunatic. Front brakes good, very comfortable for both rider and pillion. Lots of practical touches like storage attachment points and under seat. The bike is just as happy pottering along at 30mph as 100mph.

Keep it clean and change the oil and you will die before it does.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2018

26th Jun 2019, 20:58

Hi all with the Suzuki GSX1400 2002 year. I bought my second one in 10 years. Got tricked into selling my first one to We Buy Motorbikes Bradford UK. Sold for 1300. Sold 2 weeks later for 4000 on eBay UK... I kept the money, and 2 years later bought an insurance loss from the Copart UK in 2016 Jan. Spent 6 weeks to get it right. I found it had been knocked over and pushed down the road by a Ford truck in Rugby UK.

In 2019 I have decided to part exchange for a Suzuki GS850 1979. That's if it's in good order. I have to say the GSX1400 is one hell of a motorbike to ride at 66. I love it, but I have other bikes to ride, so time to let it go. As long as I live, until I cannot ride a bike, I will tell others that if you can afford to buy one, no matter the miles on the clock. And most of the GSX1400 are pretty well looked after. To any young man out there or older lads, don't let them pass you. If you can afford to buy one, go for it. They just put a smile on your face.

Thanks from JK UK 2662019.

2003 Suzuki GSX1400 from Australia


Great reliable motorbike


Rear wheel bearings at 70k.

General Comments:

Best all round bike I have owned over the past 38 years.

Engine is bullet proof (oil changed every 5K) and extremely torquey - still no rattles or clunks, and it does not use any oil between changes.

The bike is thirsty if ridden hard, but economical if ridden responsibly.

Have added a small fairing to reduce buffeting, but have found that the seat becomes very uncomfortable after about 2 hours - simple to fix. Buy a seat pad and wear a kidney belt and do a thousand ks in a day. Would buy another one, but with servicing, I think this bike will see me out.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2014

20th May 2017, 23:12

Hello, I have owned my GSX 1400 for 10 years and purchased it with 38k on the speedo. It has just turned 100k and apart from routine maintenance, have only replaced the rear wheel bearings at 70k and head stem bearings at 90k. I have the disease associated with motorcycles (ex Highway Patrolman) and also have a Gen 2 Hayabusa, a GTR 1400 and a Harley Street Bob Special. The most fun? The GSX 1400. It handles well (considering the size and bulk), has ample power, reasonable fuel consumption and is extremely comfortable (replaced stock seat with a Top Sellerie touring seat). My wife and I tour interstate twice a year on the GSX, and am more than pleased with the reliability. The machine does not use oil between changes (5k) and there are no rattles or clunks from the motor. What a shame Suzuki ceased production - has been the most reliable motorcycle I have owned over a 40 year period and I have no hesitation in recommending the purchase of this motorcycle.