1991 Yamaha XJ600


Tough son of a bitch


Firstly: I haven't touched the engine.

Rear unitrack suspension rebuilt for MOT.

Exhaust repaired with Gun Gum - still fine - it works!

Indicators (front) replaced with fairing mounted units.

Seat cover repaired with some magic adhesive they use to repair dinghies. It works!

I could do with an oil filter that doesn't need the exhaust system removing if you need to change it. Especially as these days the exhaust will probably fall apart if you try and take it off.

General Comments:

Very reliable. I bought this bike from some bloke who thought he wanted to get back into bikes until he dropped it, then he sold it to me and bought a Nissan Micra.

It isn't very quick or flash, but it goes and stops, and keeps going and stopping.

Fuel consumption is very good. Miles per smile very good. A cheap set of wheels.

Not the flashiest, but keeps on trucking.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2014

1999 Yamaha XJ600


Reliably boring


The air filter housing got blocked with some strange looking, emulsified gunk, which lead to oil spilling out over the engine.

Also the starter motor brushes wouldn't retract properly; easily fixed.

General Comments:

The XJ600N is the reliable old man of bikes.

Apparently, it does 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds; and pigs do fly. The acceleration on this bike is fairly non existent until you reach around 5000 revs.

Once you are moving the bike handles well, and is reasonably fun to ride. The braking is very good (2 discs on the front), although the weight of the bike is an issue.

The bike is air cooled and so for those long distance trips (regular London - Edinburgh) I would recommend some time out as the engine does get very hot.

If you like to tinker with things yourself, one of the most annoying things about the bike is mechanic unfriendly design. The downpipes and cans especially are frustratingly positioned to make the easiest of jobs fiddly as..

For all the ups of this bike, I just can't get over the lack of power. I will be upgrading to a Hornet, a bike with some real sting.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008

20th Oct 2011, 15:49

Owned a 1999 XJ600 for 18 months, and have done 6k miles. All the above has a ring of truth - find numb bum kicks in a bit after 60 odd miles, so it forces you to take a break, and there is a little bit of a vibration issue, although it can be partially cured with rubber washers under the h/bars fixings and on the foot rest plates.

I like the bike, wish the foot controls were a tad further back, but it is nice to ride.

I agree with the chap who said don't go too fast, it has its limitations in that respect.

1992 Yamaha XJ600


The XJ600S Diversion is a simple effective medium size motorcycle, which looks faster than it is


Front wheel bearings.

Rear sprocket carrier bearing.

Bike had new Vesrah Green sintered pads fitted when I bought it, the rear always squeals, copaslip works for about one day, but loads of wear left in them so I put up with the noise, (front OK).

The bike was bought with an aftermarket Motad exhaust fitted, this makes an oil change a pain because the drain plug access is obstructed.

General Comments:

Its very early 1980 in design, I like the styling and the raked forward engine.

The simple design results in it being very reliable and easy for DIY maintenance.

However, the handling is not confidence inspiring, it's not a bike to ride fast on (only the brave or foolhardy!) Bridgestone BT045 tyres and 15 grade oil in the forks have helped.

Fortunately the brakes are good, especially considering it only has a single disc up front.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2006

12th Mar 2007, 10:49

Having had an accident on my previous bike, I wanted something a little tamer for my next bike. With that in mind, I got an xj600s 1993 L plate.

I'd had it for about 2 weeks, when a hole appeared in the exhaust – this is apparently a known fault in the xj600s, and so exhausts are virtually impossible to get from breakers. I have replaced the exhaust and aside a few problems (due to the last owner not looking after it), it is now running alright.

However, it is not an exciting ride; cruising at about 60 MPH is alright, but any faster becomes awkward. The steering is loose at low speeds, and the bike weaves at high speeds. 30mph and 40mph are both quite uncomfortable as the bike vibrates quite a lot.

It is also supposed to have a 17 liter tank, but I can only squeeze 12-13 liters into it. Overall, I would say it is reliable, but boring.

28th Sep 2009, 17:16

I had one for two and a half years, went to Spain on it. Very economical, 55-60 mpg, will cruise at 85, good fairing.

Go for the twin disc model.

Crankcase breather feeds into airbox and contaminates the filter with sludge. I placed an extension to the pipe and ran it so it spat out condensation into a small bottle instead.

Screen buzzes so I took it off, glued it in place with silicone and replaced the screws. Nowadays you can get a VFR 750 for well under a grand, a vastly better bike, so really I wouldn't go higher than about 600 for a Div making it a seriously good/sensible buy.

Don't blame me when you get bored with it after a couple of weeks though!

11th Jan 2010, 17:53

Hi, I'm looking for a 1st big bike.

I have a choice of a 1992 ZZR 250 or a 1998 Yamaha XJ600 Diversion.

I've always liked the ZZRs, but overall for work, economy, practicality, which is the better bike?

Any advice would be great.

24th Apr 2012, 13:43

The XJ600 has excellent reviews for a cheap and cheerful bike. Low insurance, 55-60 mpg. It's sluggish for a 600, but still plenty of speed at 117mph max, and a bullet proof engine.