1993 Suzuki GSX1100G


A great bike that keeps getting better as time goes on


I have owned this bike since 1993, and in all that time I have only needed to perform normal maintenance, and replace worn items such as tires and a new rear shock absorber. However this last year I needed to have the carbs rebuilt due to the ethanol.

General Comments:

The motorcycle has great acceleration, which was made only that much better after the carbs were rebuilt. It was quite pricey, but since this was the first major expense, and as such gave me a very much improved motorcycle, I am quite happy.

I intend to keep this bike for as long as I can still get parts, which I hope will be for another 20 years.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2014

14th May 2016, 02:37

You better love this bike, because no one will ever buy it from you. Many spend years trying to get $1800 for one of these obscure models, although not a bad bike. The Bandit is newer, faster, better handling, but no shaft drive, and the same mediocre popularity.

1993 Suzuki GSX1100G


Why did they stop making these?


The bike is big and heavy, but with time you get used to it.

Chrome finish on instrument cluster is chipped off.

Warms up rather slowly. Re-jetted carbs helped a lot.

Other than that, it is the best performing, most reliable bike I've owned.

General Comments:

I hope mine lasts forever, and at the rate it's aging I think it just might! It's got the perfect amount of power and torque for my needs, and has never left me stranded. I put a Corbin saddle on mine and noticed a big difference on the long rides.

This bike blows my past bikes out of the water!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2014

1993 Suzuki GSX1100G


A great looking and extremely dangerous bike, especially at first


Nothing has GONE wrong with it. It had minor problems when I bought it. I fixed the wheel bearings and the carbs, as well as giving it a major tuneup, including setting the valves (which required no parts!). I still need to fix the fork seals.

General Comments:

It's big - too tall and too heavy. It's cold-natured; warms up slowly. It tends to foul the carbs, because the pilot jets are tiny (Shell premium gas keeps the crabs clean and functioning well). It's 20 years old, as well - getting parts can be a challenge. It sucks fuel, like there's no tomorrow. I own a car that gets better mileage, by far.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, this bike is grand!

The rake (front fork angle) is extreme. Time is required to become accustomed to riding the "Z" (as they are called). That time is not too pleasant! It drives like a California chopper, but not quite as extreme as that. Ah, but once you get used to it, there is no better ride. The wind will not buffet it. The bike is more stable, the faster it goes.

There will be no need to do anything to it. It works really fine, just like it is. I sure as hell don't need more power from it! If you drink heavily or are uncool on 2 wheels, you should choose another bike, 'cause this one will hurt you... probably while riding it before becoming familiar with it.

She has the power and the weight to put that power on the ground, without wheelies or burning rubber. It will do both, but you will have to do those things on purpose. The bike is steady and solid as a big rock, with no surprises.

This is a highway machine - born and bred, for the hammer lane. Around town its 600 pound + weight and the rake make it less than optimal. The awesome power makes it deadly in the rain - especially when going over railroad tracks, etc. It's really easy to spin the back tire on the slick!

This bike is not for beginners or fools. I hated it, until I had it a month. It scared the living crap out of me on several occasions! But it didn't hurt me - LOL - just warned me.

Now I love the big brute. And it is a brute. Ah, but the power that motor makes can be used to make up for the sophistication it lacks :)

There is a group on Yahoo that has some invaluable information on this bike. Sadly, the people in there are a clique and "not too friendly..." I would just go there and read the information... For my part, put the stock tires on it. It is old, and not designed for the latest crop of tires.

Is this the bike for you? Probably not. You will need to be an adult, patient and wanting a highway cruiser... and a mechanic as well, due to the age of these machines.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2012

7th May 2015, 10:53

I second this review. You and others here are spot on with most all of the comments.

I felt rather fortunate after trying some Z maneuvers in a few parking lots and stalling out, and then realizing I had forgotten to turn the stove knob on the left hand side to the ON - helped a lot. And thank you brother Howie, for making it there to give me some confidence (reminding us of our jaunt we had in Sturgis back in 1993) to get me on the bike and put it in gear.

Had not really done any riding in about 20 plus years. At the big 50 this year, the BIG G took me on a ride home of about 25 miles on the expressway into the N.W. Chicago burbs. That day of May 6, 2015 is one I will never forget after dropping just a mere 2.5 G and some change on a new football helmet with built in shades :)

Stopping for pizza in town with the wife, waiting for the jitters to leave a little more, and the traffic to lighten a bit on the white elephant (as they used to call it back in the day) - Route 88 towards the Windy city. Borrowing some duct tape and a Phillips head that I should have had with me, I was able to seal up a rubber boot that fits over the shaft and into the shifter box. The wife snapped a photo of me just after realizing what was making this clacking intermittent noise for the last 5 miles en route to my favorite pizza place ACH N LOUS in Aurora IL. And if you’re ever in the area – always with extra sauce. Grin.

I saw the pic tonight and I look shorter standing next to this stallion, hehe.

My 1100G and then some has a bug catcher that I love.

Cruise on BIG G PEEPS :) ! Be SAFE and respect the ride you won't forget.

PS: After parking her in the drive, I noticed how cool she was with her oil cooled and air cooling system. And trust me, I did some testing on way home, LOL.

Kindest Regards, Scott.

1st Jul 2017, 01:29

I grok that! R E S P E C T goes both ways with this ride, but what a ride... Once you get over the 'breaking in' period... called fear of God. I now believe, and still ride.