1993 Suzuki GSX1100G


Beautiful piece of Japanese engineering

General Comments:

Great bike. I bought this bike as a present to myself before my last deployment. I figured a 600 would be a good starter, but I got such a good deal on the 1100 I couldn't pass it up.

So far I have added a K&N air filter, a Vance & Hines 4 into 1 exhaust system, and I jetted the carbs.

Some things will wear with age. I have had to rebuild the carbs due to improper babying from the previous owner. I also opted to replace the spark plug caps with newer NGKs.

This bike is an excellent choice, will never sell!

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Review Date: 14th April, 2009

22nd Sep 2009, 15:31

I just bought a sweet 92 that looks and runs like new. I am 62 and have been riding since I was 13 and on a Vespa. I raced dirt bikes for 35 years and have always had a street bike, well this is a great bike. I have 8 bikes in my garage inc, 04 HD, a 650 Burgman (great scoot) 3 Vespa, 2 Stella's (Vespa but better) a Honda, Yamaha and I ride them all. However this GSX1100 g is a tractor in ballet shoes. Yeah it's heavy, but it's 200lbs less than the Harley, and so much more fun, especially given that it costs or sells for about 10k less, but it's a 17 year old bike. Bang for the buck +++ a 10.

1993 Suzuki GSX1100G




Still new to me; no problems as yet.

General Comments:

Awesome roll on power, snap your head back acceleration.

Stock seat not too comfy; intend to replace with a Corbin seat.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2008

10th Nov 2008, 20:35

As the one who posted this comment originally, I'd like to give an update. I have now put 5'000 plus miles on since purchase. Other than needing a new back tire, all I can say is still DAAMMNNN!!!

26th Jun 2009, 06:39

Just purchased the 1992, and that's the right comment DAMN. Great all the way around, I have had her for two weeks and I already have put 1000 miles on her.

1st Jun 2010, 20:15

I've had my '93 for 3 years. The only way to explain the rush of this bike is daaaaaym! Put 20,000 miles on so far. The thing was hit from the side by a disabled lady in her Oldsmobile. It's a tank! Bent everything back and rode her the next day. Recently rewarded it with bearings, brakes, carb work, starter solenoid, battery, and plexifairing2, case guards, and tires. Drives like a dream that you can't hang on to hard enough for the torque. Daamn!

24th Jun 2010, 23:21

Go with the Corbin, you'll be happy. My "G" is black, so I went with Dark Grey Snakeskin with black trim and grey piping. I like doing 250 to 300 miles a day, and have NO back problems.

30th May 2011, 18:30

I also have a '93 and enjoying it. I want to know where to get the case guards. I have been searching the net with no luck at all. Want the case guards, then the foot pegs, then the Corbin seat, etc.


29th Jul 2011, 00:07

I have a 1993 GSX1100G and am also looking for case savers. Does anyone know if the 1200 Bandit case savers/engine guards will work? The frames seem similar...

11th Aug 2011, 21:13

As the original poster, all I can add is damn what a bike!!

14th Feb 2013, 17:02

Hey Rudy, I have a set of case guards off my '92 GSX1100g that I'd be willing to part with. jedwdcook@gmail.com 7192488293

1992 Suzuki GSX1100G


Puts a smile on my face every time I twist the throttle


Bike had been sitting for years; flushed all fluids, rebuilt clutch slave cylinder, replaced rear shock, replaced fork seals, cleaned carbs, replaced rear brake pads, and had the seat recovered as she had sat outside for some time.

These monsters are fast. Eats up tires, and rear brake pads in 10,000 miles.

General Comments:

Great motorcycle. Runs awesome. It is much faster than I am.

I've been riding 30 years. Not a bike for a newbie. It will hurt you if you're not careful.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2007