30th Jul 2010, 18:43

Ya, I am 6'1" and the bike is still a bit tall.. I can put both feet flat, but still it could be just a inch shorter.. LOL.

10th Aug 2010, 23:21

I have a 91 GSX1100G, it's the most awesome ride, and it'll be the bike that I keep. I do have one problem though; in heavy rain, the bike is coughing and spluttering from water ingress somewhere. Does anyone have a remedy for this?

4th Nov 2010, 19:54

Mine is great. The most power of anything I've ridden. A little scary sometimes, since it has bucked me off a few times. It's great in the rain. My other bike has a gas cap leak. Lets water in and sinks to the bottom of the gas tank. Put a gas tank cover over the gas cap to keep water out. Changed the oil on my Ninja 1000R yesterday, and now I love the G even more with spin on filter and accessible drain plug. No exhaust to remove, fairing to take off in pieces. Etc. It's a rush every time I'm on the gas! Great sturdy tank!

14th Feb 2013, 16:56

I know you posted that a few years ago, but do you still have that Corbin seat? (I might be interested.) jedwdcook@gmail.com 7192488293

8th May 2015, 08:07

I noticed late last night that the plug wires have rubber rectangular covers that don't seem to make a water tight fit. Maybe a little silicone? I am hoping to find somewhere a owners manual and maintenance/repair book, or someone directing me to a known source? Thanks.



8474206823 call or text

P.S. Today I got a chance to ride just before dark. Stopped for a bite to eat and say hello to some buds. Made it back to my street, but wanted to do a little more road riding. It started to rain, so I just headed up drive for the garage. I must say it's a long bike and you need extra room to turn and back up with a bit of huffing, LOL.