2007 Baja Motorsports X250 from United States of America


I got it to work, but I like to fix things so it's OK for me


Bought 2 for my wife and I.

Would not run at altitude, no jets avail from manufacturer, found jet at moto shop and then worked well -- large service fee.

2 flats on each bike.

Manufacturer did not put tubes in the bikes -- my expense.

Starter switch intermittent.

1 tire cracked.

Wires broke; plastic defective, only 1-5 strands at spots. Caused no start until traced and found.

Both bikes leaked oil.

Most frame nuts fell off on: exhaust, rear axle.

Swing arm axle bolt broke.

Shock adjustment knob fell off.

Won't go into neutral sometimes.

Weak handlebars bent.

Shifter fell off.

Foot brake pad fell off.

Frame bolts fell off (had to remove and locktight all non-engine bolts).

Rear axle bolt fell off, jacked tire, wrecked chain and rear brake disk.

Only 0.66 gal gas tank, short range.

Chain fell off.

Chain rubber pads to stop rattles fell/tore off -- bad design.

Right footrests used on both sides, swings back on right and forward on the left.

General Comments:

With the right jets, it starts right up.

Parts diagrams are good, and part sourcing through Gardner Inc is excellent. It's best to be a mechanic to keep this bucket of loose bolts together. Price is very low, and it's amazing what they can deliver for this price. It's just that something that is 95% functional may not get you anywhere when nuts and bolts continually fall off.

China metals are weak/brittle. Nut bolt tolerances are poor. Welds are suspect and inconsistent. Design structural margins are minimal given that they copied Japan, then undersized components. The copy is somewhat close, but many parts are not interchangeable.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009

20th Jul 2009, 12:23

I almost didn't make it back once because of the small tank. (always have a speedometer)

20th Jul 2009, 12:26

Did the jets work better than stock (added hp?)? Do you know the part number? I need more hp on this thing.

23rd Jun 2012, 21:09

It said that it leaked oil... Where did it leak oil, because mine lets the oil through the cylinder somehow, and gets burned through the engine, and it smokes like crazy... I have honed out the cylinder, but it did nothing.

Any advice?


3rd Oct 2012, 00:04

You should check the piston rings. If the rings are bad, it could cause it to burn oil.

2008 Baja Motorsports X250 from United States of America


It's a bad bike if you want to ride it


My bike model is a Baja X250. It was manufactured by Xmotos.

The first thing to go wrong with this bike was a flat. A flat doesn't sound like a big deal to some people, but it is to me. The stem valve snapped off so it wouldn't hold air. It is not my fault because they shouldn't just come out like that; it is a design flaw.

The second thing that went wrong was the crankcase hose busted, but it was easy to cut and replace.

The third thing that went wrong was the clutch cable broke. It broke when I was just going for a quick ride around the house, then when I got back to the shop I realized the cable had snapped. I had one ordered at Portland motorcycles, and they ordered it from Baja Motorsports and after a week they called and said they couldn't get a hold of them, so I ordered another one, then it didn't come, so I got a bike cable and tied it around the clutch and it works great.

The forth thing that went wrong was the throttle cable snapped 3 days after I fixed the clutch cable. If I had been on a trail somewhere, I would have been stranded.

General Comments:

This bike is a piece of junk, eventually I will spend more in parts than I did for the bike.

One good thing about this bike is it was retailed at $1800 and got it for $1300.

The seat is very uncomfortable.

The gas tank it too small, only goes 33 miles per tank.

It has good tread.

It only goes 27 in 4th gear.

It has a low rpm.

It's kick starter is nearly impossible to use.

It's hard to start for the first time, because you have to hold the brakes down to use the electric starter.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2009

23rd Jun 2009, 20:06

I am the person who posted this review, and I would like to say some more things about this bike since I have ridden it for 29 hours and taken it a couple of places.

One positive thing is that it can get up hills pretty good.

One negative thing is the web site says that it can go 59mph and the manual says it can go 56mph, but the fastest I could get it to go was 34 at 7,000 rpm and it makes its max hp (15.4 - 15.2) at 6,500rpm so I doubt it can go much faster, especially since it wouldn't go any faster (flat ground).

One tip I have is check tire pressure all the time and tighten the nuts (not so tight that you tear the stem valve) so the inter tube does not slip.

Tip #2 make sure when starting with electric starter, hold the brake down or it won't start.

Tip #3 get a tachometer, they are a fun and easy way to help you tell when to shift, makes it easier to break-in, and prevent you from blowing the engine and walking back. (I recommend trail tech because they work easy and they do a lot more)