5th Jul 2009, 14:59

I have a 2007 Baja X250 motorcycle and absolutely love it. All I have done to it is general maintenance and have never had a problem with it, and no I'm not a dealer, just an average Joe that likes riding enduro dirt bikes, not full race bikes.

20th Jul 2009, 12:16

I doubt you could do a real jump with this bike.

9th Aug 2009, 15:55

This is the most poorly made bike. When I was doing a chain adjustment, both the nuts got stripped.

10th Aug 2009, 17:19

On the way home, my kick stand broke, causing the bike to fall (on a trailer) on a main road.

24th Aug 2009, 14:30

This bike is very cheap. When riding, the throttle cable snapped (I was going half throttle). I had to walk the over 200 pound bike over hills for about 1 mile. Try your best not to get this bike, but if you do, carry an extra throttle cable and clutch cable.

1st Sep 2009, 19:08

I paid $1200 for my X-250, and for the money it's a good bike.

The clutch and throttle cable have both broken.

The kickstand plate could be stronger.

Finally, some bolts have come out (front brake caliper).

For me, it is better to save $4,000 to $5,000 and make these relatively inexpensive fixes. However, I do have a local mechanic repair the cables instead of ordering - apparently many others are having a similar problem, and maybe there aren't enough cables to go around.

3rd Sep 2009, 19:35

If you got a used name brand, it would cost less to buy, have more power, and not much would go wrong with it, plus parts are easier to find.

21st Nov 2009, 18:21

The engine is too hard to break down, and there is no space to move anything. It took 3 hours to get it apart. The frame space is barely big enough to fit that motor on it, the bike is definitely a bike you can work on, and I'm never working on another one again.

23rd Dec 2009, 18:59

I have always had a problem with getting high rpms out of this bike, but after I put a high flow air filter on it (lot's of modification, but I was able to put a 3" car air filter on) then I moved the c-clip on the throttle needle in the carborator down 1 spot (more fuel) I can easily go up to 9,000 rpm, before I could barely hit 8,000. Someone should try adjusting the needle before putting on a high flow air filter, and see how it goes.

3rd Oct 2011, 09:40

2007 Baja X 250.

I have had this bike for about a year or so, and I have had absolutely no engine problems, but the bike itself might as well be useless metal. I don't know why anybody would ever think of making this thing. Again, I have had no problems with the motor; in fact I put it in a small quad and it's awesome, and was I clocked doing like 75!!!

7th Jul 2012, 13:04

Does any one know the length of the throttle cable on the BAJA X250?

12th Aug 2012, 18:19

It's a 29" cable. Can you tell me the size of the kickstand?

21st Sep 2012, 20:52

I just bought a 2007 project X250 for 300. It cost me 150 in parts. $450 for a running dirt bike is good enough for me. I've looked at Hondas and Yamahas. I don't have the 2000 for something like that. Yeah, I know it's a Chinese piece of s**t, but the parts are cheap also. Mastertechsports.com has all the Baja parts you need at a decent price.

22nd Sep 2012, 18:18

It's a 16" kickstand.

4th Feb 2013, 22:04

Now wait, this is the stock carb you are talking about, right?

10th May 2013, 21:24

All I have to say is real bike mechanics could figure out a way to prevent these flaws from occurring twice. My suggestion is all of you stay away from bikes, period. I've had an X250, not lost a single bolt, no snapped cables, doing a decent 50mph, and you could've figured out that a little bit of sheet steel, a ruler, and a welder would've fixed your 'small tank' problems. I expanded mine to 2.5 gallons, using just the base curves to fit it to the frame. Next time you replace bolts, use bolts that don't come loose under vibration. Don't buy 'replacement' cables from the company that built a weak one, anyways. Have a real bike mechanic fab you a more durable set up.

27th Jun 2013, 14:12

Can anyone tell me the timing for the engine (from like 0 to how many degrees)? Thanks.

19th Sep 2014, 00:52

I bought a used Baja X250 and need a new chain. Does anyone know the chain specs?

2nd Jan 2015, 06:06

Yeah, the motor is great, but the bike is crap metal. Bolts loosen and strip out quick, and my kick start lever cracked on me. So I traded it to a guy for a 91 KX250. Much better! Stay ON brand!!

2nd May 2015, 13:06

I just bought a Baja 250, but it's very high off the ground (my feet can't touch it). Does anyone know of a way to lower it?? Cheers!

25th Apr 2016, 23:46

Do you know if the 2007 Baja 250 is the same as the 2009?

10th Jan 2017, 06:47

What kick starter will fit this bike? And does anyone know where to get a wiring harness for it?

14th Feb 2017, 01:42

How tall is this bike?

7th Apr 2017, 12:41

I recently purchased one of these bikes for very cheap without any plastic. I know it's not a necessity, but I would like to be able to get new plastic for the bike. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the panels for the bike?

7th Apr 2017, 22:50

I recently purchased one of these bikes for very cheap without any plastic. I know it's not a necessity, but I would like to be able to get new plastic for the bike. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the panels for the bike?

3rd Sep 2017, 23:30

I just bought an X250 and I need new plastics for it, and everywhere I search I can't seem to find any. If you know where I can buy them, please let me know.

5th Dec 2017, 12:18

I’m also looking for plastics and a seat if possible. If you find out where they're sold, share the links.

16th Nov 2020, 15:55

Howdy, do you happen to know the size of the kickstart lever? I need one for my X250 and don't know what size the splines are.