25th Nov 2005, 11:06


I am a mechanical engineer from Faridabad, Haryana. I am really interested in buying a new Pulsar 180-dtsi with exhaust-tech, but the reviews I read here are way over the top, those mechanics at service-centre and showrooms claim that it returns barely 35-40 km/l of mileage, in city as well as highways.

So it's too hard to believe those figures stated above as 55 and above, even 70...!!

Moreover, even a 150 dtsi gives a mileage of barely 50+ km/l, so how can a bigger bike like a 180 do better on both fronts simultaneously..??

Can somebody put some light on the issue?


2nd Dec 2005, 11:03

Yes, I think the guy is right. A Pulsar 150 Dtsi hardly goes beyond 60km/l, so how can a Pulsar 180 Dtsi reach about 74km/l. I think I too need someone to explain that to me.

12th Jan 2006, 01:56


I have purchased a pulsar 150 DTSi 3 months back.


If I keep the speed 45-55, I'm getting a maximum of 50 km/Ltr.

If I ride @ 60 - 90, the mileage drops to 40 km/ltr or even less.

But the overall performance is better than any other bike in this segment. (my friends have Unicorn, Karishma, F2, etc..)


Initial pickup is less than the Unicorn and Karishma. But within seconds it will outperform the Unicorn.


26th Jan 2006, 05:51


Can anyone tell me that which bike is better from the Pulsar 180cc and Karizma? Because I'm going to buy a bike that gives me good speed and the mileage from 40-45 will also work.

1st Feb 2006, 11:49


If you are looking for power, mileage & comfort...

Go for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird or Electra...


10th Feb 2006, 12:00

Hi everyone out there. I own a smoke silver Pulsar 180dtsi (2004) and I must say it's a amazing bike. It's better than any current bike in the market. With a top speed of close to 130km/ph? (128) to be specific it's got astonishing handling and a reasonably good mileage, 47km/pl, which is good by any standards.

17th Feb 2006, 03:36


I have a maroon coloured Pulsar 150cc DTSi, with alloy wheels. Before going into the pros and cons, I'd like to say that a lot depends on the *SERVICE GUY*!!! Nobody speaks on this, so its very astonishing.

Servicing at Bajaj stations is not good - the idling is usually left at any setting, sometimes with very high power, and sometimes so low that the engine switches off during.

All said and done, if servicing is done properly, these are the vital stats -

When power is set to medium, not too low or high, mileage will be around 50 - 55 km pl.

When power is set slightly higher, so that we can speed from 0-5-10-25-40, in around 9 seconds itself, the mileage dips to around 45-50 km pl. I understand that pickup is theoritically unrelated to mileage after the point we reach steady speed, but practically, the petrol flow setting affects both these aspects heavily.

Overall, when set to around 50 - 55 km pl, the power is reasonable, it cannot beat the Unicorn initally, but yes, it can beat it in terms of speed in a long race.

The best thing about the bike is the comfort when going at 105 kph. You don't feel as much vibration as one would expect. And at other speeds, until 90 kph, the engine just is super smooth.

The gear shifting is actually very good, except that if not properly serviced, it will get really rotten. Gears can just get stuck awfully at any level - but this usually happens only when we suddenly shift from a high speed like 60 kph to 10 kmph without shifting any gears - at this point it becomes really tough to shift back the gears. My friends who own Unicorns tell me it's the same case with that bike as well.

Overall, it's a very good bike. Very rugged, and comfortable for the rider (but not for the pillion on long rides of 20 kms or more).

Compared to the Unicorn, choosing one is tough. I chose the Pulsar for one reason alone - its wheels. The new pulsar's body is largely made of alloy and is very light. The alloy wheels provide superb handling and stability, and the difference is heavily obvious when going long distances on pathetic roads.

The shock absorbers are pretty good, and give a comfortable ride, but Unicorn would be better due to mono-suspension. But hey, back pains are a result of abuse and negligence, aren't they? :) Exercising should suffice :)

One bad thing about all Bajaj bikes is the chain. The chain really goes loose after running say 750 kms, so it needs constant tightening. It also makes a strange noise. This is the case with all Bajaj bikes I've seen. But it appears to be harmless though..

I would say, if one wants to buy a Honda, wait till a better bike comes along. Honda bikes in India are pale in front of Honda bikes abroad! They are all superbly sturdy, light, loaded with power *AND* mileage efficient features, and are extremely comfortable. Honda should release its better technology into India, one feels very bad when it doesn't do so. I don't believe the explanation that the Indian market isn't bothered about such powerful bikes, since, Pulsar, on the other hand, has tried to put in all these world-class features into the Pulsar, and the result is really good. Also, Pulsar scores in looks waaaaay above Unicorn.

Hope this helps...

2nd Mar 2006, 09:34

Hello guys

Let's first clear the air about the best bike in 150cc segment guys. I've owned a silver colour Unicorn with self start for 8 months, and guess what, I had a Pulsar before that, and I experienced Pulsar for about 2 years. No doubt the Pulsar is a very good bike, but remember there is always a better thing than the best. Just when we thought Pulsar is the best, here comes Unicorn...

Guys, the Honda unicorn is simply the best in the under 150cc segment, just because of the smoothness of the engine and the pick up, and the power it gives at the same time. Trust me, I've lost the count of how many Pulsars I've beaten in a race over the last few months. This includes the 180cc segment too...

I know it's hard to digest this issue for hardcore Pulsar fans, but guys, you simply have to ride a Unicorn to believe me... it's simply the best. The top speed which I achieved with Unicorn was 130kmph. I'm not joking guys, I'm damm serious. I touched 130 on a national highway and there was absolutely no vibrations at all. That was so amazing guys, I mean you go at 130kmph and no vibrations for a 150cc bike - simply awesome.

Guys, just drive a Unicorn today to feel the magic... but hey guys, please be careful during high speeds.

4th Mar 2006, 03:50

Hi people,

I own a Pulsar 150 DTS-i with alloy wheels. The bike is great in all domains, the speed, comfort riding, maneuvering, and above all the mileage.

But recently I started having problems with the rear air shock absorbers. The right one started leaking, I have heard that it can't be repaired. So I wonder if it's like use n throw?

I am planning to have the Unicorn mono shock absorber to be fitted.

Would love to have any ideas and suggestions on the same.