19th Aug 2005, 14:19

Bike is prone to engine noise if not looked after properly...

25th Nov 2005, 00:35

My Pulsar is just so good that I can't tell you about it. I am having a new Pulsar 180cc with a black engine and black alloy wheels. I love my Pulsar more than all my girlfriends. Thank you Pulsar company.

5th Dec 2005, 05:57

Hi all... had my Pulsar 180cc dtsi just a week ago... man... this is a bike you will fall in love with... its sporty looks with a wine red body and black engine just makes you go overboard. You can save the glossy paint work by going for a Teflon coating for a mere INR 400... that will prevent any scratches on the paint for the next six months.

No comments on the 18cc DTSI engine... coupled with the CDI and TRICS III technology Bajaj Auto has made sure that the bike is sauve with the heart of a beast... a small twist of the throttle and you can hear the beast growl savagely and cut through the city traffic like a knife through butter. This bike is awesome and is unmatched in its class.

9th Mar 2006, 02:33

I have bought a Pulsar 180 DTS-I with block styling. Before I had this bike, I read a number of reviewer's comments from the website. As far as the website people are concerned, it gives the mileage about 40-50 kmpl in city riding conditions.

In 2006, its total technology has been changed. The appearance is the same, but the heart of this vehicle is totally changed. I have referred with the pro-biking dealer about the mileage and other concerns of this vehicle, which I have read from the website, they have assured me that it will definitely give more than 50 kmpl in city riding conditions, and 55-60 on highways. Currently, I am getting 50-57 kmpl in city riding conditions.

There are no other problems so far. If it is so, it will be negligible not to take any action.

3rd May 2006, 04:54

Hi, bought my Pulsar 180cc. Performance is the worst I have experienced. Even the mileage is hell - it gives (38km/litre). I suggest you guys do not go for the 180cc. There was even a gear shifting problem.

3rd Jun 2006, 05:36

I went to the showroom to buy a Pulsar 150... to my surprise, I was able to see a new entry there.. a pulsar 180... cool man... the look and feel...

There was no second thought.. I went for that... and it's the first of its kind on the city of Kollam, Kerala.

The bike seemed fine till I took her to Bangalore... now there seems to be some kinds slapping on the valve..

Seems really tensed to hear this..

But her control seems to be amazing.. and her style... believe me.. people stare at her.. and I notice that silent...

But anyone kind of give a suggestion for removing her slappping... I never used to cruise her more that 65 at most...

Now she has done 3700 kilometers... with 3 services...

13th Jun 2006, 06:18

Well I got my Pulsar 180cc a month ago, and it's really amazing in speed and the grip it has at high speed. It saved my life once when I was at 90kmph and needed to brake in fraction of second.

The maintenance part is bit heavy, I face gear struck problems often and the mileage is quite low, it hardly gives 30kmpl when you ride at 80kmph+.

26th Jul 2006, 03:08

I bought a Pulsar black one month ago. It is working great. All the girls look at me.

4th Aug 2006, 12:06

Hi, I bought a Pulsar 180 on Feb 1st. I tell you it's simply the best bike on indian roads today.

My bike has clocked 3500 kms and performs really well. Taking it to 100 is so very cool, and you hardly notice any stress on the engine and the rider.

I sincerly agree that the bike wobbles after 110, which makes you feel quite uncomfortable.

Never remove crash guard, it is of real good use in most accidents.

Unlike others, I don't change my oil every 1000 kms. I don't know why people do this..

About mileage - it runs 55 per liter of petrol if driven in economy i.e in 40-50kms/hr, and gives 50 on full blasting..

4th Aug 2006, 20:16

The Pulsar 180 is one of a kind stylish motorcycle with beautiful design and a nice ride.

It has nice power and looks. It's love at first sight. Initial pickup is good, but after first gear, in a need to pass situation, just pray for the gearbox not to miss second, as you will have to down shift again, and up, for a complicated gear shifting scare. It's certainly not a Suzuki gearbox.

Top speed is not too good, only reaching 115kms at almost 8000 rpm. 140Kms it's a tale. If you want speed, buy a bigger bike. Any 250 Japanesse bike will kick your ass, so don't throw away your money on useless gadgets. It is what it is, a nice city bike, with nice looks and OK on gas. A good pizza delivery tool, with cheap spare parts.

19th Aug 2006, 22:31

I tell you friend's... really too good you know... Go for 180cc..Thank you so much..

21st Aug 2006, 02:55

I am planning to buy a bike in the near future. I am one confused person now that I have decided to do this. I'm not really passionate about any of the new bikes in the market. I have bought down the list to either an TVS Apache or a Bajaj Pulsar. That itself is a worry issue. Pulsar seems to be front heavy and I'm worried that it will cause serious back problems later on. The Apache I'm getting all sorts of reviews for it, both good and bad... That puts me in a real soup. If any of you guys could guide me to make the right decision I'd be very grateful...


25th Aug 2006, 09:31

I brougt my Pulsar 150cc black six months ago. I am bored looking at it, so now I want to change its look, so please can anyone help me?

17th Oct 2006, 03:37

I bought a Bajaj Pulsar 180cc six months back, it is one of the most stylish and powerful bikes on indian roads.

One thing about the bike is regarding the mileage, it is not consistent. It varies between 35-45 km per litre. So guys you can very well go for it.

31st Oct 2006, 06:12

I've owned a Pulsar 180 CC for the last three years and have made runs of 35000KM till now. Its certainly an excellent bike (I have tried almost all the bikes on Indian roads and liked either the Bullet 350 or Pulsar 180).

Just let me put some demerits here :-

1) Never expect good servicing from Bajaj Service if you leave your bike behind. Have them do it infront of you. One of the service centers screwed up my bike and my complaint to the company was not at all replied/entertained. Do not worry about the warranty that Bajaj prescribes!!! Get it done either infront or by a proper mechanic!!

2) The gears were pain initially. I got that repaired by a mechanic, not from the Bajaj, after changing the clutch plates and some adjusting. Now they are smooth and perfect.

3) Use Zapper tyres (You own a power bike and worry about mileage? If so please go for some other bike, not a power one like a Pulsar 180) Original tyre grip is not sufficient at high speeds and on banks!!

4) The chain sprocket is a real pain and there is no workaround!! If you are a rash rider, certainly you are gone for a toss!!! You cannot be lazy with chain sprocket maintaiaince. You have to be prompt, so better learn setting the chain on your own!! Clean and grease properly every 500 KM. This is also prescribed in the manual!!

5) The rear brake is useless!!! It's the low gear shifting and the front brake that you can rely the most! Rear brakes require lots of maintenance and still do not perform consistently!!

6) Engine oil change every month or 1000KM... if you do more run than 1000 KM the engine will make noises and vibrations that can be felt :) LOL!! You will hate when there is vibration and a Unicorn is beside you, and the person is laughing at you!!! You can feel the vibrations if you do not change the OIL every 1000KM!!!


After saying all this, I will still say this bike is one of the best on Indian roads!!! Just do proper maintenance.

I hope Bajaj:

1) Takes care of the service with professional attitude and committment.

2) Take care of the brakes wear and tear.

3) Take care of the chain sprocket and chain noise/smoothness... and related stuff.

4) Research some engine oil that can run at least 3000KM!! Every 1000KM changing oil is certainly not appreciated.

5) Paints the bike that in a paint that lasts long.. I did a teflon polish too... no use.. at the max two months it shines!!

6) Makes the rectifier available in shops and does something with the electical wiring, so that you do not have to change the rectifier thrice in 3 years, and looks after some circuitry stuff where you do not have to change the battery every year!!!

Keep changing your brake light bulb and make sure the RPM meter provided and the fuel meter provided work for some long duration!! I had to change my RPM meter and fuel meter once until now (3 years).