4th Mar 2008, 02:36

Hi guys.

I bought my 180 Pulsar 2 weeks back. It give me 31km p/l. But I haven't got power. What can be wrong?

12th Jun 2008, 05:42

Hi... please advise me in buying a proper bike.

My choice is between the Pulsar and Karizma; I like both the bikes...

With the Karizma, I am worried about the mileage... but engine wise it's the best bike and has good power...

The Pulsar is also a good bike, but I heard that it has problems with the gear shift, and other minor problems... my friends do have Pulsar 180cc and they say the mileage and power are good.

Please help me on this... :-)

29th Nov 2008, 18:42

Same here guys. Scratching my head every time I think of buying a two wheeler. Very much confused between Karizma and Pulsar 180cc DTS-i. My heart goes for Karizma, but think of mileage and my mind tells me to go for Pulsar 180cc. Please suggest which one is good. I am a tall guy at 6ft and 2 inches. :)

3rd Dec 2010, 22:31

Hi friends, the Pulsar is a very good bike... I have a Pulsar 180 2008 model. It gives me 50 km-pl and the engine is very powerful... I suggest that you buy a Pulsar 180; it looks very sporty and stylish.

7th Apr 2011, 12:59

I'm around 49 years old, I have a 2006 Bajaj Pulsar 180Dtsi with nearly 30000km on the odo. I, riding around the hills and so on of Cape Town, also get 40 to 60 km per litre, and I'm 95kg with all my gear like helmet and rucsac stuff!

My bike, engine and gearbox seem to be getting smoother as time goes by! I have tried to treat it well before and when I ride, which makes a difference! I give the engine a few kicks on the kick start before I use the electric start to lube the engine bits a bit, which helps things.

I have spoken to Pulsar 180 riders who courier stuff around, doing instant starts, brisk pullaways, hard riding on the highways of Cape Town, and there have been those that manage to trash the main bearing and piston rings by the time they've done around 25000km, but mine seem to be fine. My goal is 100000km with one bike..., then I'll try get a 220 perhaps, let's see!

Cheers guys, safe riding!

1st Jun 2011, 10:39

I think you go for the HH CBZX... it's the best with overall performance and mileage.

27th Apr 2012, 07:02

Hey dude, I also have the same problem. I am thinking of buying a bike, but am confused between the Pulsar 180 and Karizma R. I am also 6 feet tall, and I suggest you to buy a Pulsar 180 because it's a very good bike in mileage and performance, and moreover a stylish and angry looking bike... so I would go with the Pulsar 180.