22nd Aug 2008, 20:51

I've had all kinds of bikes and I just bought a 95 Road King, it's the best ride yet. Truth be told, most bikes sold now are very reliable, but the real difference is the others just are not Harleys. When you're on a hog you just ain't on a motorcycle, you're on something special, yeah you hog riders know what I mean, all you others, well you don't.

7th Nov 2008, 20:24

I bought my Road King Classic in 1999 and still have it! I've since placed 48K on it. The only major fault I had was the stator that went out at 30K. She is blast to ride! I will never get rid of her. I also have a 2000 Night Train, but of the two, the RKC is my main ride.

25th Aug 2009, 20:06

First time try at this. My first bike and love of my life to this day was my 1966 Super 90 Honda. At 16 this bike was my ticket to a life time of loving all motorcycles. I now ride a 03 Road King Classic with 49k. In VERMONT we have a very short season; I am still trying like hell to break 10k in a year. Last year 9,250 my best ever. Not going to make this year as only 6,250.

My point is this, no matter what ride or how many miles a year you put on, YOU ARE ON 2 WHEELS. I respect anyone that dares to go and deal with the dangers as well as the shear non-taxable (as of yet) out right feeling we ALL get of pure wind in your face on those just perfect days when bike and self are one.

19th Mar 2010, 13:44

I bought a 2003 RKC new and have ridden it in 40 states and 3 Canadian Provinces. It has 51,000 mostly trouble free miles... 1 belt, several tires, 1 battery AMF, 1 turn signal bulb. I love this bike and would not part with it. It's my 2nd Harley after owning a couple of Honda's, and though the Honda's were very dependable bikes, there is no comparison to the experience of owning and riding a Harley. I used to laugh at a friend who would have trouble starting his AMF Harley, but on the few occasions he would let me ride it, I would think man if I ever get another bike, it will be a Harley. It's a beautiful day, think I'll go ride.

20th Mar 2010, 23:17

Started out racing Yamaha dirt bikes, moved on to riding Kawasaki road racers (GPZ and then the new 900 Ninja), then going to the ultimate for me the 1990 Suzuki GPZ 1100. Got old, crashed (legally on a track) couple times, found a Suzuki DR650 on off deal. All was cool for a while.. got older and cooler, got a CVO 07 Dyna, very cool, every Sunday short trip bike. Just got a 03 Road King Classic (stage I eagle kit) It's too cool... can now reach out long and be cool. Love the ride and look forward to building up the stage II kit (pistons bore and cams)... What I guess I'm doing is evolving and improving its life. Enjoy it. Harley is a help.

15th Apr 2010, 16:04

Just bought my first Harley. It is a 2003 FLHRCl. Staggering beauty, amazing sound. awesome ride. Used to own a Yamaha, but there is no comparison.

9th Nov 2010, 21:10

I just got my first Harley 3 weeks ago, it is a 2003

FLHRCI Road king. This is my 5th bike. I love riding this HOG.

BEST ride ever. 1500 miles already in the wind...

11th Nov 2010, 20:58

I have owned a CB 750 and 3 Goldwings and a 1100 V Star.

My first Harley was a '03 Road King. It had 28 k on it when I traded it in. I put 15 k on it, all trouble free.

Got a 2010 Road King 13 months ago and have 11 k on it now. Had to replace speed sensor at 10 k. Have a stage 1 in it, and it is the most fun to ride of any bike I've owned. Wife and I just finished a 700 mile ride to Arkansas, and got 50 mpg on the last 158 miles.

14th Dec 2010, 13:07

I have a 2003 Road King Classic Silver and Black. I love the look, but I put on black walls and swapped out the leather bags for matching hard bags. I also own a 2003 BMW K1200rs and a 2003 Fatboy that I customized to look 50's old with a spring seat and such.

I ride the RKC the most of all my bikes. I think that says it the most. The BMW is a tech marvel compared to the Harleys. It's smooth and cruises at 130MPH. However I never ride that bike when I'm in a group. Who wants to be in group riding plus 100 MPH anyway? I would keep the RKC and sell the other two if I had to. I do like Harleys very much as as a brand of bike, but not as a so called "lifestyle".

14th Jan 2011, 22:45

My 2003 Silver/Black 2003 RKC has had a 1550 kitted with S&E cams, adjustable push rods, full chrome front end.

Recently shipped my bike along with 16 other bikes from NEW ZEALAND to the United States, and rode 14,000 kilometres over a eight week period starting from LA back to LA, with "Sturgis" the half way point. My first trip States side, and what a buzz. The RKC ran like a dream on those beautiful long roads and great scenery, especially Crater Lake, Beartooth Mountain, Yellowstone/Yosemite National parks, and best of all, "Glacier National Park".

The weather was hot hot hot, and the bike didn't miss a beat, and required only one oil service and a set of white walled tyre change. Only repairs required were a broken gear shifter link, which was temporarily fixed with a plastic tie till I got to a Harley dealer, where the mechanic replaced the part with NO CHARGE and a "happy to get a brother back on the road". Big Ups to OWENS HARLEY DEALERSHIP, Yakima Washington State.

12th Aug 2011, 14:32

While I too have had less than 100% honesty & service from SOME Harley Dealers, I have to tell you that Greune HD in New Braunfels Tx. did me right when my stock shifter linkage on my 2003 Road King broke on a trip from Houston, they replaced it & checked my fluids in less than 2 hours on a Friday after I rode in with the rod pieced together with a piece of wire & a pony tail band ;^). Bill including parts & labor under $90.

27th Nov 2012, 20:02

Hello everyone. I have had one Honda and 3 Harleys. There is nothing out there that will convince me to ride what I am riding currently. I have a 2003 Road King Classic Gold Key. It is like sitting in your couch or your recliner, while cruising down the highway.

It is the best Harley I have had thus far. I had an opportunity to get an Ultra, however, this solid black and chrome RKC is the best. At 35,000 miles she is like brand new, and I will ride it until it's time to let her go to the bone yard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I love American Made, and always will, but do respect those of you riders who ride different bikes!