31st Jul 2013, 06:55

I also have owned over 20 bikes over the decades, including three HD's, two deckers, and one custom. My current ride is a BMW, but looking to to get something more two up friendly, as my wife who used to ride her own bikes, has a bad back, and she would rather just settle in for the ride... as long as it is comfy.

Goldwings? Way too expensive for our needs, parts expensive. Ditto for the other marques where we live. Yes, demographics can sway a person's decision, and being that used, reasonably priced HD's are plentiful, with a huge dealer and support network, and bottomless aftermarket support, it makes for a tempting choice. I will also keep my canyon carver, and have no illusions about using the HD for anything other than what it was designed for. I know many people who don't care about other bikes, and are quite proud of only owning one bike... let them be if they are happy. I also know plenty of brand loyal car/chainsaw/home appliance fanatics.

Whatever charges your battery... live and let live... just don't lecture me about my choices. Everybody wave and be happy now :~)

22nd Aug 2013, 19:39

Had a Gold Wing, Suzuki Volusia 800 and a Yamaha 1700 Silverado. Rode FLH Harleys as a young lad and then went over to the dark side. Came across an ultra clean 03 Road King Anniversary bike with only 25 km on it, and home she came. I forgot how nice it was to ride without the road snakes pulling the bike around, trucks blowing you over and the wind pushing you around. Love my FLHRCI and won't be riding on the dark side again. Chromed her up a bit more, and added fishtails, which help keep the critters out from under the tires.

18th May 2015, 05:17

I have been riding for 45 years and started on a Triumph. Now I have a RK classic and love it for its intended purpose. I also have a Ural/sidecar two wheel drive and a V Strom.

They all have their place. I would no sooner take the RK on fire roads than I would put the Ural on the freeway. Nor would I take either of those two and burn up a winding mountain road as I do with the V Strom.

For those that look down their nose at and refuse to ride one brand or another are missing the point of motorcycles. The point of riding is the fun factor. Riding is always better than driving, no matter who the manufacturer is.

6th Aug 2016, 21:34

"Oh my god, I can't believe you bought a Harley and not a Honda, I am so embarrassed" - Said no wife or girlfriend EVER!

17th Aug 2017, 21:22



21st May 2023, 15:59

But I find interesting is nobody gushes over a Goldwing. What’s even more interesting, the Goldwing has nothing to do with nostalgia. My question for you: why do all the other bike manufacturers, including Honda try to get their touring bikes to look and sound like a Harley?

And that’s why Harley Davidson’s are the best motorcycles on the planet. I don’t care what people ride, but people ride Harleys for a reason. Yep bikes are indeed just cheap knock offs. And the resale value sucks.