CB250 Nighthawk

Great starter or 2nd bike

277 words, United States of America


CB250 Nighthawk

Great starter bike and good in-town commuter

228 words, United States of America, 4 comments


CB250 Nighthawk

Best retro bike

36 words, United States of America


CB250 Nighthawk

Brilliant. 350 (UK) miles to the tank before switching to the reserve

461 words, United Kingdom

CB250 Nighthawk

Nice little bike, I miss it and the times we had together

228 words, Australia

CB250 Nighthawk

Overall a great, cheap to run, commuter

796 words, New Zealand, 4 comments


CB250 Nighthawk

Moves from A to B with no frills

520 words, United States of America